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Working with Angels

IMG_0542Angel Meditation 


Allowing yourself to achieve a deeply relaxed state of mind.


Using an affirmation can help to create encouraging and optimistic thoughts about your goals.


following an action (such as lighting a candle) while saying your affirmation will certainly help to make it memorable.

Altars and displays

Arranging your personal effects in such a way that they are a constant reminder of your links with your angels.


Lighting a candle is a ritualistic way of ‘opening to the light’. Therefore candles are useful for meditations and your angel ceremonies.

Oils and incense

Pure aromatherapy oils are also suitable for your angel work.


These beautiful, natural objects are a joy to behold, and are sources of untold power.


These are probably one of the most important of the ‘tools’; they are the chosen sign from the angels themselves.

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Which figure did you see first? Find out what your hidden fears are

In psychology, there are different types of evidence that are called “projection tests” that can help us discover our deepest feelings, those that lie in the subconscious. Fears, anguish, fears, goals, values, and all those elements of our personality that trigger defensive mechanisms or impulse reactions in us.

Of all these best-known projection trials are certainly the one of Rorschach, that is, the famous ink stains in which, depending on whoever looks at them, there are different types of figures inside them, each of which has a different meaning; Or other tests are the ones in which a family paper or a tree should be drawn on a sheet of paper.

Here is a test in which you will be able to find out, depending on your answer, your deeper fears and other hidden information that reflect your personality and character.

1 Little girl

If in the picture the first figure you saw is the little girl sitting, it is very likely that your repressed emotions will come from your childhood. It may be a trauma immediately in the infancy, or even in the perinatal phase, during gestation, delivery or early life. There are numerous types of events that can mark a child’s mind and, in fact, if they are not properly elaborated, they can be dragged to adulthood and cause problems or consequences. First, the relationship with your mother is crucial to emotional development, for example if the child had to spend too much time in the hospital away from the maternal figure, or if the mother has given little or no affection during the early years of Life, it is possible that everything is projected unconsciously through fears and fears in decisions that will have to be taken by adults.

2 Butterfly

Butterfly is one of the symbols to which different types of meanings have been attributed. According to the interpretation of dreams if the butterfly is bright and colorful it is a sign of good hope, a new happening in one’s life, a new happy and prosperous stage. While the butterfly is dark and light, its meaning can be linked to an opportunity that we did not know or can not grasp, to a circumstance that could be useful but we did not exploit. Finally, the meaning of this symbol deriving from the spiritual side leads the butterfly to the world of the dead and is seen as a conveyor of souls in the afterlife. If your attention has been drawn to the butterfly, it is very likely that your need is to find your way through your soul, or that of people who have disappeared. This could also result from a feeling of lost trust or the unconscious fear of death.

3 Strawberry

This strawberry placed perfectly in the center of the image and in size far greater than the fruit that exists in reality, represents the heart. Since antiquity, the strawberry is represented as a symbol of love, because legend says that because of Adonis’ death, Goddess Venus could not stop crying, and every tear that fell on the ground produced strawberries. If the first figure you saw is that of strawberry, what you are looking for is in your heart. The greatest fear is probably to come across a loving relationship that may end badly, or to fall in love with someone who does not match our love. Those who have these fears often hide behind relationships that do not trust and start with the awareness that they will be short. The origin of this fear of such an emotion often has a complicated relationship with one of the parents since childhood, but also the relationship between our parents and the way they expressed their feelings about it One of the other in front of us.
4 Skull

The skull image is not really present, but it is an optical illusion that can only be distinguished by the conjunction of other elements that are truly represented. If the first image you saw is a skull, it is very likely that you unconsciously live the fear of facing the disappointments that may result from relationships with other people and, above all, fear of your death or that of a person to you Dear. This may be due to the fact that it has in the past proved a sense of helplessness in situations in which it has not been possible to intervene, such as on other people’s choices or even on the life of someone very dear to us. The sense of guilt and helplessness should not be underestimated, but it is imperative to deal with and elaborate your own emotions.

5 Trees

As already mentioned one of the best known tests is where one is asked to draw a tree. The tree is the symbol of our roots and in this case, two trees forming a bridge are likely to mean that within us there is an inner conflict that we have not yet been able to solve. Often we know our doubts and uncertainties very well and, precisely for this reason, we can not find the best solution. In these cases, the best thing would be to consult someone who has an outside point of view, without any preference or purpose or purpose on our person, as it may help us to see the situation differently.
source:Healthy Cures

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Morning Ritual for Energy and Good Luck

Spell book#Elemental Magic
Morning Ritual for Energy and Good Luck
an express morning ritual to have blessings, success and protection all day powered by the Four Celestial Spirits of the four Elements 

By The Alchemist

Original source
This ritual is inspired by the Legends of the far East. In these lands, morning rituals are far more common as they incorporate physical exercises like Tai Chi, Hatha Yoga with Meditation and Raja Yoga. On a daily basis before they drink their favourite Green Tea to start their day they actually have a shower and cast a morning spell – or prayer to have a powerful MAGICAL kick-start.

So how about you try it! Let’s say you just woke up. First witchy thing you should do is to write down your dreams on your dream journal. This will attune you with your Higher self therefore create a spiritual connection with the other Realms. 
Now that you have written down your Dreams prepare your morning shower. Visualise that your body, soul and aura are being cleansed by the fresh water which runs freely on your body, removing everything that’s useless or harmful to you. The water drowns all parasites and leaves your body, soul and aura clean, fresh and invigorated.


Dress up and prepare your morning Green Tea (soon you will be able to purchase a rare Witchy Blend from our Magical E-shop with precious ingredients designed for the modern Witch, we call it the Green Dragon of the East – Tea). Put the tea on your altar. If you don’t have an altar put it on a table and sit next to it. 
You may need to light a candle. This candle symbolises all the Magical Energy – like a battery – you need for the day. Do a magical breathing exercise like the Hatha Yoga Breathing Exercise. Breathing the Essence of the Element of Air will set you free! 
Now it’s time for Chanting. Tell it 9 times. And visualise each time What you are saying! 
“Heavens is my Father, 

Earth is my Mother, 

now and for all day and night long, 

the Blue Dragon is on my left,

the White Tiger is on my right, 

the Red Phoenix is in front of me, 

the Black Turtle is right behind me.

I am Blessed, Protected and Lucky 

now and for all day and night long, “ 

Visualise the four Celestial Animals which guard and govern the Four Directions of the Compass along with the Four Elements. The Blue Dragon governs East, the White Tiger governs West, the Red Phoenix governs South and the black Turtle governs North. These Celestial Entities are so powerful, that the Chinese and Japanese Emperors use it as their symbols of powers. Feng Shui and the Chinese and Japanese occult sciences use their symbols and their energy for numerous purposes – from building their palaces, to maintain health and vigour to the members of the royal families. And please bear in mind that the use of these symbols where strictly forbidden by anyone apart from the royal family! Imagine their power! 
So why don’t we tap into the Magic of the Celestial Spirits? Do it today! 

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Create an Angel Garden Sanctuary 

  • First you need a chair, a bench or perhaps an old log. A natural back chair is perfect. Back it into the corner or against the wall. 
  • If you are feeling inspirational you could upcycle a chair from a charity shop, design and make your own floral cushions to bring outside with you when the weathers dry!
  • If you have a hidey hole in your garden, this may be the perfect place for your ‘meditation’ area.
  • If you have no shaded spots in your garden, maybe you could shield off an area with scented plants in pots, or use screening from the garden centre, or better still, how about a rose arch, with an old gate and paint a sign then this truly is your area! Be creative, make it your own, somewhere to chill out and relax.
  • You may wish to hang lanterns or candles in pretty holders, as there are many to choose from on the market.
  • You could also string outdoor lights in different colours, to enhance your mood, and invite you in to meditate.
  • Sound is important in your sacred area, adding a water feature is soothing and relaxing, however, make sure you visits the toilet first! The sound of trickling water may make you have the urge to spend a penny!
  • If space is tight, you could use an old dish, place pebbles and crystals inside of it, and place this near your front door or on a windowsill. Keep it topped up with fresh water so it glistens in the sun – ensure you rinse it out regularly so it remains fresh and not stagniot, slimy water.
  • Add some garden angel statues or fairy figurines. Let your imagination go wild!
  • Your space will be magical because you have created a unique area just for you!
  • Gift shops and many garden centres sell natural bamboo wind chimes why not add a chime or two!
  • Also keep a look out for pebbles with natural holes in them – traditionally these are doorways to other realms.

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Angel Feathers …

Little white feathers have become the angels prettiest sign. Feathers appear when we need them the most, but they don’t have to be white. I am sure that those industriouss angels will use whatever is easily to hand, that might mean, even a black or bright pink one! Please note, that black feathers do not represent anything bad. 

Ask for a feather sign. The feather may turn up when you least expect it!

An angel feather is always one that appears just when you need it the most or it may appear after you have asked for a sign.

Collect your angel feathers and save them as if they were precious jewels. You can gather them in a pretty jar or box, you can then use them in craft projects, or give them away to loved ones as gifts.

Coincidences and Manifestation

Asking for a sign can mean many things, have you ever thought of a person and had that same person ring you later in the day? Angel coincidences happen all the time. Perhaps the most appropriate sign from your own angels is for you to have meaningful coincidences in your own life.

Let’s look at the word ‘ask’ once again. Asking for what you want is important for it to manifest in your life, so ask your angels for what you want. Always ask for ‘the most suitable solution’ after your request then allow for the angels to come up with an even better plan than the one you considered yourself.

Sometimes you can bring coincidences into your life by creating the vision first of all. Decide what you want, write it down, create an angel manifestation (see below-exercise) poster and then ask your angels to help you bring about your chosen goals.

Exercise: Make an angel manifestation poster

  • Materials needed
  • Three pieces of paper : 1 to write notes, 2 pieces for making posters
  • Marker pens
  • And yourself in a positive mindset!!

If you could have anything in your life what would it be? Your goals need to be realistic ‘to you’. You have to believe in them. Try not to add limitations on your goals, or worry about how they might happen. Hand the solution to your angels and follow their lead and suggestions.

  • Write down the numbers 1 to 20 in a large sheet of paper. List 20 things that you would like to achieve in the next 12 months. These goals can be anything you want.

  • Read down the list and pick the top five. Highlight them in a bold marker pen. Read them again. Which ones make you feel really excited?

  • Pick, say, two to start with. Get yourself two large pieces of white paper. At the top of the page, write down your goals in large letters with a felt tip marker pen. Each page has its own goal.

  • Then write underneath, ‘I am really happy, angels, that I have achieved my goal of …….’, and write in a little more detail about your goal, as if you have already achieved it.

  • Decorate your paper. Place a smiling photo of yourself in the middle, and add photos of family and friends around you, particularly those you want involved in the plan or goal.

  • Find photos to represent your goal – a plane, car, uniform for a new job, exotic location, for example – then place them around the outside.

  • When you have finished, put your ‘angel manifestation poster’ where you will see it every day.

  • Sit down right now and absorb yourself into your image. Ask your guardian angel to help you. ‘See’ very strongly that you are in this situation of your choosing. ‘Feel’ the emotions you would feel if you were actually there or had achieved your goals. At all times know that your angel is by your side helping to create exciting opportunities to further your goal – stay alert and follow any likely situation that arises.
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Do you want to have an Angel notebook or journal?

When we write things down we reinforce the message in our minds. Committing something to paper helps us to bring that ‘something’ or something into our lives. It becomes more permanent or fixed as part of our intention. Your angel notes are special and need to be cherished in a special place.

Look out for a hard-cover notebook and cover it with sticky-backed plastic decorated in an suitable pattern. Another thing you might try is to stick your notes (taken from your angel exercises or experiences) in a scrapbook. Cover the scrapbook in pretty angelic paper; or alternatively, you may prefer to use a loose-leaf binder.

Be inspired when creating this most basic of angel tools, your angelic notebook – have fun with it.

Here are some suggestions for your notebook content:

No doubt you will come up with lots of ideas of your own. Take care of your notebook and keep it safe.

Watch this space I have a creative mind so will add some downloads here for you to download for free.

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Healing with Frankincense ~ chest infection, period pain, postnatal depression, spiritual healing, magical properties and so much more ……..

Frankincense was once treasured as highly as gold, and it remains one of the more expensive oils. It has many healing properties.

Frankincense has been prized since the time of the pharaohs, who considered it an oil of enlightenment and wisdom, an exotic treasure that was more valuable than gold. It’s powerful, sweet and woody fragrance is still used today as incense in temples and churches.

Medication and meditation

The magical properties of frankincense are best activated by using it in an essential oil burner. The powerful aroma is conductive to meditation and yoga as it slows down and deepens breathing, imparting a sense of elevated calm.

It also has a wide-ranging therapeutic properties; its expectorant action is used to treat colds and respiratory illnessses; it is a balancing gastric tonic; and it is also good for complexion.

Active ingredients of frankincense

Frankincense acts on the central nervous system. It promotes slow, deep breathing that helps to calm the mind and body, and lift the emotions.


Some studies suggest burning frankincense as incense or in an essential oil burner releases the mind-altering chemical trahydrocannabinole, which may be responsible for the oil’s links with religious visions and spiritual experiences.


These comprise 50 per cent of frankincense and include pinene, limonene and camphene among many others. 

Terpenes are toning, warming and stimulating. They give the oil expectorant and antiseptic qualities.

Pinene, although present in small concentrations, adds a hint of pine to the frankincense’s aroma and is a potent antiseptic.


Olibanol and farnesol are both present in low concentrations. Some studies suggest farnesol in particular has outstanding anti inflammatory and antiseptic actions.

Healing with this magical oil ……. To treat mature or damaged skin……

Using frankincense oil ~ Frankincense oil has many beneficial applications, including being an aid to healing and as a toner to improve the complexion. It is also used in magic.

  • To treat mature or damaged skin
  1. Reduce stretch marks– To reduce scarring or stretch marks, mix: 2 drops each of frankincense, lavender, and neroli into lotion and apply daily.
  2. Face mask for mature skin– Make a nourishing face mask for mature skin with 30ml clay, 10 ml honey and 2 drops each frankincense, carrot seed oil and lavender oils.

A few drops of frankincense on a compress helps to heal damaged skin and ease scarring after burns or surgery.

Spiritual healing…..

Use frankincense joss sticks, incense or oil in an oil burner to create an atmosphere of contemplation and comfort during periods of meditation and prayer, and while you practice yoga.

  1. Dispel apathy with a pulse-point massage oil blend of 8 drops of grapefruit, 6 drops of frankincense, 5 drops of sandalwood and 3 drops of neroli in 50ml of sweet almond oil, rubbed into your temples.
  2. Banish frustration by inhaling 4-5 drops each of frankincense, neroli and bergamot from a handkerchief.

For insight and inner strength, use a mind-expanding blend of 5 drops each of frankincense, juniper and beragamot in an oil burner.

Chest infections…..

Frankincense has decongestant and expectorant properties that can help to ease stuffy heads and bronchial problems.

  1. Use a night time rub to fight chest infections. Add 3-4 drops each of frankincense and cedar wood to 15ml of sweet almond oil.
  2. Ease asthma symptoms with a massage blend of 3-4 drops each of lavender, clary sage and frankincense in 25ml sweet almond oil.

A woman’s Comfort Oil

Frankincense’s balancing properties make it a valuable oil for women.

  1. Relieve period pain – Ease painful periods with an abdominal massage blend of 6 drops frankincense, 3 drops rose, and 25ml sweet almond carrier oil.
  2. Postnatal depression – To ease depression, dilute 10 drops geranium, 8 drops frankincense and 4 each lavender and neroli in 50 ml carrier oil.
  3. Dispel grief – Soothe feelings of loss with 10 drops frankincense and 5 drops each geranium and grapefruit oil added to a warm bath.

A gentle head massage can also help to ease feelings of depression or grief.

Magical oil….

Frankincense has been regarded as a holy and purifying aroma since Ancient Babylon.

  • Ancient Egyptians burned frankincense in their temples at midday to symbolise the Sun God. Ra’s passage through the skies. Their name for frankincense translates as ‘becoming godly’.
  • Egyptians myths told of the Phoenix bringing frankincense to Egypt in its claws.
  • Frankincense was one of the three gifts brought by the wise men to the Baby Jesus in Christian lore.

In the ancient world, frankincense was only found in the lands of the Queen of Sheba, where it was traded at a greater value than gold.

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Are You In A Bad Mood Or Is It An Earth Bound Spirit Who Won’t Leave You Alone?

Original source
When the physical body dies people are not always ready to move on. They can choose to remain in the vibration they were at when embodied. They do not have more knowledge. They do not become more enlightened. They are still subject to the sympathetic person. Why? They feel much more comfortable being in a physical body because that’s what they know. They do not and cannot (without permission) take over the body. Their subconscious “programming” does influence the living person’s body and mind. If the person whose body in which a spirit attachment is in is sensitive to energy, that person will feel and react to the spirit attachments thoughts and emotions, not realizing they belong to someone else.

Spirit attachments are ‘Earth Bound’ meaning they are stuck in a limbo state even if they don’t realize it. They are also stuck in the emotions and mind set ( Programmed beliefs) they had while embodied. Their mind set and emotions, as well as the aliments that affected them before passing away will affect the body they are attached to. Sometimes it starts with anxiety or thoughts of impending doom, other times it starts with physical symptoms for aliments that the body does not have. Which leaves the doctor and the patient frustrated, confused or even misdiagnosed.

If you have an attachment, using the Pendulum or Muscle testing will be very inaccurate, as the thoughts of this person will affect the testing. You might be able to discover whether you have one or more spirit attachments with the following: Test with the Pendulum these statements ( but substitute it with your name): “Kim’s Higher Self knows Kim to have a spirit attachment.” “Kim’s body has more than one spirit in it.” “Kim’s energy field has more than one spirit in it.”


 If you get a ‘yes’ to any of these, remain calm. It is like having a roommate. Subconsciously, you agreed to this roommate or he/she would not be with you. All this person needs to know is he/she has better choices.
In a quiet moment in your home point out these choices to the spirit(s) with you:
Close your eyes, breathe in and out to relax, then in your mind or out loud say “I am now my I am” and imagine that you are inside of an empty white room located in the center of your chest. You can test “I am my I am” and “I am in my heart space” and if you get yes for both all you have to do is say “I am my I am and I command all beings that are not “Kim” get into this room now!”

In the ceiling of the while room there is a huge spot light as well as a huge sprinkler like the ones that go off when there is a fire in the room.
As the room fills with people who are not “Kim” you may see them as people or just energy orbs or mist, it really does not matter how you see them because as soon as something appears either the sprinkler sprays them and they dissolve or the spot light turns on and they are vacuumed up into it like the old “beam me up scotty” on star trek.
This is the quantum way of doing things and is the best and most effective as well as easy way to do things. If you would like to do the old fashion way and communicate with the hitchhikers and find out who they are and why they are there you can surely do so. In this case say “I am my I am and I command that any soul who has been in my body that is not me step forward now” then imagine on the back wall of the room a door. The door will open and through it will come one being at a time. Those who have been there the longest will come first or you can say “who ever is making me feel so depressed come forward now” for example. Once they come forward you can ask who they are, how long they have been there, why they are there. They may be confused, they may tell you that you are the dead one that you are actually in their body, I speak from experience on that one!
Next tell them:
1)Look for a Light. It is a Light brighter than the sun, except you can look directly into it. You will feel it welcoming you and drawing you to it. There is no judgment or punishment in the light. You can suggest he/she ask for the perfect guide from the light to come escort them and show them the way. Reassure the spirit no one ever has to stay in the light, but it is in the light he/she will be shown how to attain what he/she desires, including having exactly the kind of body they want if they want to be in the body again. Or, if they feel they did not finish up the life they wanted as they desired or still feel things are missing from that life they will be helped to explore their unfulfilled desires. Then say “Goodbye, I know you are safe now”.
2)Then call in the next soul and do the same thing all over again. This is what I use to clear beings and I had times where it took me 4 hours to clear all the beings from clients or myself. The quantum option I gave first is clearly the fastest and easiest and I programmed it to be instant and that God’s light keep you and the spirits protected from fallen beings or other harmful energies in the universe.
When you are done with either technique say in your head or out loud “I am my I am and I now ask my Higher Self to keep me and my home surrounded with the divine light of the holy spirit and Christ light and that my higher self keep all spirits who do not belong here away.”
 Every time before using the pendulum (or other muscle testing), begin with this statement: “My Higher Self knows me to be free of spirit attachments.” If no, you know what to do. If yes, you might also test this: “My Higher Self knows me to have been free of spirit attachments for the past week” just to be sure you are normally spirit attachment free.
A statement that can be used with the snowglobe technique after connecting to the snowglobe, grounding, and clearing using the light from above you can say “I am alone in my snowglobe” if you test “yes” you are good if you test “no” say “I am more than one” , “I am more than 2”, “I am more than 3, or 10, or 100, etc…” once you know how many you are say “I am my I am and I am alone in my snowglobe” imagine that you are in the center of your chest, inside the heart area, and then say Zero. Imagine that a huge white zero comes from above you, drops down into your snowglobe, down through your body, and out your feet into the center of the earth. Then test again “I am alone in my snowglobe” and you should be good. If not do it again until you are clear but the first time should work the only reason it would not is if you are not truly aligned with your heart or your I am self.
By: Maris Moris
Intuitive Teacher, Healer, Medium


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Are You In A Bad Mood Or Is It An Earth Bound Spirit Who Won’t Leave You Alone?

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How a Psychic and Medium Work ~ Ethical Boundaries

The difference in how a Psychic and Medium work:

  • A Medium tunes into the energy of spirits or overworldly beings in other energy dimensions to bring through messages from loved ones.
  • A Psychic tunes into energy of a living human being in this physical reality to give advice,guidance and insights into their past, present and future.
  • A Medium raises their vibration to meet in the middle between themselves and spirit. The Spirit will need to lower theirs to be perceived by and speak to the Medium.
  • A Psychic often gives advice and guidance. Their messages often contain their own guidance according to what they read in the clients energy.
  • A Medium only brings through pure and clear messages without giving their own interpretation.
  • A Psychics energy is not usually affected by tuning into an earthly vibration, as long as they work ethically and remember to open up and close down before and after a session.
  • A Medium’s energy can be affected by connecting to the Spirit world, and because of this should maintain good ethical boundaries, remember to open up and close down only when working and ask Spirit to take away anything that is uncomfortable for them to feel.
  • A Psychic can usually stay tuned in for longer than a Medium. This is because an earthly vibration does not affect the physical body as much as the higher vibration of spirit.
  • A Medium should be mindful of the energies they connect to, as spirits can sometimes ‘imprint’ on the Mediums energy to give validation of who they are. This can sometimes feel uncomfortable or emotional. Any spirit that does not take away the feeling or step back when asked to, should be disconnected from.