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Money Spell Bottle 

5 old pennies
5 dimes 

5 quarters

5 kernels of dried corn 

5 sesame seeds

5 cinnamon sticks 

5 cloves 

5 whole allspice 

5 pecans 

Glass Bottle
Place each item into a thin, tall bottle, such as a spice bottle. Cap it tightly. 

Shake the bottle with your projective hand for five minutes while chanting these or similar words: Herbs and silver, Copper and grain; Work to increase My money gain. with Harm to none so mote it be.

Note: your Projective hand is your Dominate Hand
if you live in a country that does not have Pennies, Dimes etc use your closest equivalent 
and No for this Spell the Herbs can not substituted
if you do not know where to find these ingredients its in a supermarket

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Morning Ritual for Energy and Good Luck

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Morning Ritual for Energy and Good Luck
an express morning ritual to have blessings, success and protection all day powered by the Four Celestial Spirits of the four Elements 

By The Alchemist

Original source
This ritual is inspired by the Legends of the far East. In these lands, morning rituals are far more common as they incorporate physical exercises like Tai Chi, Hatha Yoga with Meditation and Raja Yoga. On a daily basis before they drink their favourite Green Tea to start their day they actually have a shower and cast a morning spell – or prayer to have a powerful MAGICAL kick-start.

So how about you try it! Let’s say you just woke up. First witchy thing you should do is to write down your dreams on your dream journal. This will attune you with your Higher self therefore create a spiritual connection with the other Realms. 
Now that you have written down your Dreams prepare your morning shower. Visualise that your body, soul and aura are being cleansed by the fresh water which runs freely on your body, removing everything that’s useless or harmful to you. The water drowns all parasites and leaves your body, soul and aura clean, fresh and invigorated.


Dress up and prepare your morning Green Tea (soon you will be able to purchase a rare Witchy Blend from our Magical E-shop with precious ingredients designed for the modern Witch, we call it the Green Dragon of the East – Tea). Put the tea on your altar. If you don’t have an altar put it on a table and sit next to it. 
You may need to light a candle. This candle symbolises all the Magical Energy – like a battery – you need for the day. Do a magical breathing exercise like the Hatha Yoga Breathing Exercise. Breathing the Essence of the Element of Air will set you free! 
Now it’s time for Chanting. Tell it 9 times. And visualise each time What you are saying! 
“Heavens is my Father, 

Earth is my Mother, 

now and for all day and night long, 

the Blue Dragon is on my left,

the White Tiger is on my right, 

the Red Phoenix is in front of me, 

the Black Turtle is right behind me.

I am Blessed, Protected and Lucky 

now and for all day and night long, “ 

Visualise the four Celestial Animals which guard and govern the Four Directions of the Compass along with the Four Elements. The Blue Dragon governs East, the White Tiger governs West, the Red Phoenix governs South and the black Turtle governs North. These Celestial Entities are so powerful, that the Chinese and Japanese Emperors use it as their symbols of powers. Feng Shui and the Chinese and Japanese occult sciences use their symbols and their energy for numerous purposes – from building their palaces, to maintain health and vigour to the members of the royal families. And please bear in mind that the use of these symbols where strictly forbidden by anyone apart from the royal family! Imagine their power! 
So why don’t we tap into the Magic of the Celestial Spirits? Do it today! 

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Do you want to attract money into your home?

Basil is a herb that is easy to grow in a little pot in the kitchen, which is then transferred outside during the warmer months. It’s aromatic green leaves symbolise money and financial success, and are easily incorporated in kitchen magic as well as in spells. If you do not like the taste of ordinary basil, do not worry – try one of the varieties on offer such as Thai basil, or leaves that have lemon, spicy cinnamon or even chocolate scents.

Useful spells for Basil

To attract money into your home after the Christmas festivities, try this; 

Place five Basil leaves and five copper coins under your front door mat. As you place down each coin and leaf, say ‘money come to me-just as much as I need. Greedy I am not, I don’t need a lot.’

How about attracting more income?

Prepare a dish with lots of basil (spaghetti with pesto is especially good, as the yellow pasta symbolises energy and inspiration), and eat it on a Thursday before discussing possible options with your family or asking for a raise at work.

Do you spend too much money whilst on a shopping spree?

Place a green piece of string in your wallet with basil oil rubbed into it, position it so that every time you open your wallet to pay for things you see it. It will soon curb your bad habits.

Did you know that basil was traditionally grown on St Basils feast day on 2nd January. Greek people believe that on this date bread containing a coin should be baked and given to family.

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Ribbon Rituals ~ try these simple spells for the most common desires.


This spell can be used for almost any goals or intentions.

Simply take a cord, then simply focus on what you would like to achieve or cease. 

Make nine knots as you chant the following:

By the knot of one, begun

By the knot of two, it becomes true

By the knot of three, so more be

By the knot of four, magic energy I store

By the knot of five, it comes alive

By the knot of six, the energies fix

By the knot of seven, sun and moon in heaven

By the knot of eight, I call the powers of fate

By the knot of nine, this spell is mine.

After your spell is cast, leave the cord in a safe place where it won’t be disturbed, until you achieve your desire or aim.


For this spell ~ attracting a new partner ~ you’ll need to ribbons in pink and red, they need to be long enough to make into a bracelet.

  • Twirl the ribbons around each other, rubbing either rose-scented perfume or essential oil-think about the qualities you wish your partner to possess. Settle on five ‘must haves’, for example – sense of humour, intelligent, financially secure, attractive, caring.
  • Knot the ribbon at each end, then fasten it around your left wrist ~ the reason for having it on your left wrist, is because it represents intuition and emotion ~ keep it on until you find love.
  • To give this a ‘power up’, add a little love charm, such as a rose quartz heart or two little silver doves.


This spell will attract wealth 

  • Using a green length of ribbon, you place a coin in the middle of the ribbon, wrap the ribbon around the coin until it’s completely covered.
  • Use a copper coin if you want more energy and resources in your home.
  • Use a silver coin if you want to make it easier to save more and spend less.
  • Make a knot on one end of the ribbon and say this, ‘I make this knot, spend I will not’
  • At the other end, make another knot, whilst saying,’money come to me, as I will it, so more it be!


Do you need a little healing? Then this spell is for you.

  • Tie a blue ribbon around the part of your body that is causing you discomfort and keep it there until the pain or problem has gone away.
  • Another, way – write the name of the troublesome body part on a piece of white paper, then tie a ribbon around it and leave the scroll in a safe place where it won’t be disturbed until the issue is solved.

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Spellcasting ~ Ribbon magic is so versatile you really can perform it anywhere.

“Your spell could be as simple as choosing to wear a green tie – for prosperity – to a job interview and while knitting it, thinking positive thoughts about getting the job,” says Silja. “Or why not try thinking of any issues or problems you will face during the day while tying your shoes in the morning. You could even offer  up a prayer to Moon Goddess, requesting confidence and beauty, as you braid your hair for a night out.”

Make spells part of your day.

Timing ~ Boost the power of your ribbon magic by performing your spells at the optimum time ….

Ribbon magic can be performed on any day, or time, however, as with all magic , there are certain days, times and phases of the moon that give your spells more power when you perform them. For example, if it was a cold winter’s day and you wanted to freeze a bad person out of your life, then ribbon magic at this time would be very effective. 

On February 1st the upcoming witches Sabbath of Imbolic, will use ribbon magic to find a partner, or increase love between families and to make new friends.

Days and times:

  • Dawn is a good time to cast spells for nurturing new beginnings, or to encourage something to grow.
  • Dusk is good for spells to help you get over someone, or to solve a problem.
  • At night when you see the moon, this is a good time to perform a spell if it involves a female, o surrounding women or intuition.
  • If it involves a man or standing up for oneself, then opt for a sunny day to carry out your spell.
  • If all else fails, the best time of day to do any magic is when you are awake and full of energy, not tired or distracted by work demands or children! You need your full focus and attention upon your magic. 

Discover which day of the week could work best for your spell casting:

  • Monday – the moon, female energy, beauty and intuition.
  • Tuesday – courage, protection and warding off negativity.
  • Wednesday – communication, luck and creativity.
  • Thursday – prosperity, health and fertility.
  • Friday – love, romantic interest and friendship.
  • Saturday – wisdom and occult matters.
  • Sunday – the sun, male energy, self-confidence and energy. 

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Essential oils ~ Enhance the potency of your ribbon spells


To give extra energy to your ribbon spells, you can rub aromatherapy oil onto the ribbon or braid, knot some herbs into the ribbon, or pass the knotted ribbon through incense smoke.

Herbs that might come in handy:

  1. Lavender – for calm and inner peace
  2. Rose – for love
  3. Cinnamon – for energy and passion
  4. Vanilla – for friendship
  5. Clove – to undo curses and banish negativity
  6. Rosemary – to dispel negativity and bad thoughts
  7. Peppermint – for easing physical pain
  8. Sage – for purifying and cleansing
  9. Basil – for money, prosperity
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Basic ribbon magic can be used for any intention by anyone. 

Have you often been fiddling with a piece of string or ribbon, when your feeling anxious or stressed? This instinctive action is one of the most basic methods of ribbon magic.

The simplicity of this spell work, involves thinking about the issue that needs resolving, whilst making a knot in the string/ribbon. You then only undo this knot when the issue has been resolved.

The knot represents the issue, when you create a knot this symbolises our will to overcome the matter, untying the knot reflects the removal of the problem. This simple spell can also be used in the same way when your thinking of a personal goal. 

In fact, ribbon magic can be used for any intention by anyone, whether you’re completely new to witchcraft or been a practitioner for a long time. 

Wiccan High Priestess Silija

I performed one of the most successful ribbon magic spells at college when I was sick with worry about my exams. I took three ribbons – a blue one for health, yellow for inspiration, and silver for the protection of the Moon Goddess – and plaited them while thinking about my exams going well. Then I made a knot in the braided ribbon for each exam I was taking, visualising getting an ‘A’ in each one and placed the ribbon on my altar, in-knotting it the day the results came out. I passed with flying colours!


Choosing your ribbons ~ select whatever material you like for your magical knot work

It doesn’t matter whether your ribbon is silk, or you use hemp cord or even a shoelace; some practitioners prefer to use natural materials such as wool or cotton, to do their spellwork.

You can choose any type of knot, however, please remember that these knots will need to be untied again! Therefore do not make your knots too complicated or too tight! (You will become stressed trying to undo them)

It is recommended that if you are using several colours and then knotting them together, that you braid them together first. A simple overhand knot will be good enough, as it’s easy to undo – this also symbolises the belief that your problem will be easily ‘untied’ or solved.

Ribbon Colours and their Meaning ~ Choose colours that are associated with the focus of your spell.

RED – passion or sexual attraction

PINK – romantic love

BLUE- health and wisdom

BLACK – removing curses

WHITE – peace and energy

GREEN – money, prosperity and fertility

YELLOW – inspiration and artistic endeavours

SILVER – the Moon Goddess, female energy

GOLD – the sun God and male energy

BROWN – grounding and calming.

Tip (Silja-has practiced Wiccan for 22 years and has three bestselling books published)

It’s best if the ribbon you use is the colour you need for a specific spell. But at a pinch, you could use a white ribbon for any spell, or even colour in a white ribbon with watercolour paints or a felt tip pen.

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Using crystal energy.

Having them near

Even if you have crystals nearby you will notice subtle changes in energy levels. Some of them are useful for counteracting the electromagnetic fields of appliances such as computers and microwaves.


Select an appropriate crystal (or crystal oracle card) to support you in formulating and focusing in a positive affirmation. Hold it, consider its attributes and how it can help you. Feel the energy of the crystal create the positive vision you wish to achieve.

Meditations and visions

Hold the appropriate crystal in your hands or create a pyramid or circle around your body with a combination of stones. Working consciously with crystals will raise the vibrational levels of your work. Visualise the energy flowing from the crystal to your aura. It will guide your consciousness to where it needs to be.

Chakra healing

Crystals are commonly placed on the seven major energy centres, known as chakras, on the body. Each energy centre works in a different ways. Crystals help to bring balance and harmony within each Chakra and within the whole system. The state of being allows the body to heal itself and enables the mind to link the spirit and feel bliss.

Sharmanic and magical work

Crystals can be used to create a protective circle, to enhance the power of a quest, incantation, ritual, ceremony and all other work. They can be incorporated on magical tools such as staffs or wands to increase the power and help direct sunlight.

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Full moon crystal cleanse

On the night of the month when the moon is at its brightest, grab your gemstones and charge them up.

  • Choose a few of your favourite gems and set them aside. Place a piece of white or silver fabric on your windowsill or outside on a patio or porch – white or silver resonates with the energy of the moon and will draw energy from it.
  • Place your crystals on top of the fabric while holding the intention that they will become charged. Full moon energy is associated with abundance, wholeness and completion. It’s best if you have a specific goal in mind for the qualities that you’d like these crystals to take on.
  • As you place each crystal onto the cloth, say aloud your chosen desires/goals. Allow the crystals to sit in the moonlight overnight, and remove them from the cloth the next morning.

Ashley leavy – Love and Light school of energy medicine.