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How do Angels contact us?

Our angels are in contact with us every single day. Of course, that does not mean that we are always aware of that contact. I appreciate that if you don’t know what you are looking for then it is difficult to know when these contacts take place.

Are you a shy, or very quiet person?

Sometimes our angels’ communication is decided by our own personality traits. Therefore, if you are a shy or very quiet person, a dramatic contact from the other world would be frightening, and they would take this into consideration.

If we’re in a mess, is it because we created this mess?

Sometimes their contact with us is dictated by the situation we find ourselves in. If our angels jump in too soon and sort it all out, then what have we learnt from the situation? Challenges in life help to strengthen the soul, giving us more confidence in our own abilities.

Listening angel friends

Have you ever been in difficulties in your life? Of course you have. We all have problems in our lives – it’s part of being human. It’s great though, when you have a good friend. Friends give us the shoulder to cry on when times are hard. We all have a person in our lives who tries to tell us how we might handle a situation better or how we should have done it differently. This can be very frustrating! When we’re down we don’t want some ‘smarty-pants’ to tell us what we did wrong. The best friends are those that listen – just listen. Angels are the friends who listen the best.

So do not be afraid, you always have angels nearby, who are listening to you and your concerns. Start your angel journal today. Write down your questions, or issues you want help with, and await angelic action!

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Do you want to have an Angel notebook or journal?

When we write things down we reinforce the message in our minds. Committing something to paper helps us to bring that ‘something’ or something into our lives. It becomes more permanent or fixed as part of our intention. Your angel notes are special and need to be cherished in a special place.

Look out for a hard-cover notebook and cover it with sticky-backed plastic decorated in an suitable pattern. Another thing you might try is to stick your notes (taken from your angel exercises or experiences) in a scrapbook. Cover the scrapbook in pretty angelic paper; or alternatively, you may prefer to use a loose-leaf binder.

Be inspired when creating this most basic of angel tools, your angelic notebook – have fun with it.

Here are some suggestions for your notebook content:

No doubt you will come up with lots of ideas of your own. Take care of your notebook and keep it safe.

Watch this space I have a creative mind so will add some downloads here for you to download for free.

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What is the role of an angel?

An angels role in our human existence is fairly straightforward. They protect and they love, this happens in many forms. Generally, angels help us when we are trying to solve problems, however, they are not permitted to take over. Our life problems are what helps us grow. Anything that gives angels power over humans is not allowed, and anything that means they are trying to make someone do something they don’t want to is not permitted.

Angels love to help us to achieve our goals but prefer to act as do-creators rather than magicians. Ask your angels to bring into your life people who can help you with your problems rather than to solve your problems for you. Imagine how empowered you will feel when you achieve your own goals ….. with a little help from your friends.

What angels can do…

  • Send us feelings of love and support
  • Perform dramatic rescues when it’s not our time
  • Appear to warn us of danger and steer us away from hazards
  • Provide important information to help us with decision-making
  • Being human support and guidance when we need it most
  • Help us to help ourselves
  • Mend things
  • Assist with healing
  • Be our friends
  • Substance
  • Matter

What they cannot do ….

  • Bring us the winning lotto numbers
  • Solve our problems
  • Make someone fall in love with you
  • Achieve our goals for us
  • Interfere with our life lessons
  • Spy on our neighbours
  • Hurt/harm others
  • Manipulate the free will of ourselves or others
  • Force us to work in their interest
  • Function
  • Energy

Giving the angels permission to help

Consider the point about manipulating free will, what does this mean? 

Imagine you create your first garden and your very proud of your efforts. If your new neighbour was a fantastic gardener, and came round to your house and started moving plants about without your permission, you would quite rightly get cross. Why are they messing about with your things?

Let’s look at the above example again. With your new garden you have experienced some difficulties, and you pop around to your neighbours house to ask for advice. Your neighbours offers you a few suggestions, giving you the opportunity to follow their advice or not. It would be your choice, your own free will. 

If we use the same rule with angels, you can see that we need to invite the angels to work with us. As humans we have the divine right to free will and freedom of choice, and as long as you don’t try to manipulate the free will of others (or break any laws) then most things will be OK.

How do I give this permission?

Simply ask out loud for help or support with individual things, or ask for help at the beginning of each day.

You could write down a request, call on God directly in the form of a prayer, or perform some sort of ritual.

You could also indicate your permission by wearing an angel pin, carrying an angel coin or a worry stone – a pebble or crystal into which you project your worries. Or by placing angel figurines in your home, car and place of work.


Ask the angels to help you…

How would you like to indicate your permission to the angels?

Do you want to read or say specific words to your guardian angels?

This is, perhaps, one of the most direct ways of giving permission.

  1. Choose your words carefully and write them down. Remember to say thank you after your request. Here are some examples of the things you might like to say:
  • Angels, I love my collection of white feathers – please bring more signs that you are close. Thank you in love.
  • Angels, I love it when I feel you around me and it makes me flutter with excitement, but I felt frightened when I heard a noise in the kitchen last night, so I would that you don’t indicate your presence in that way. Thank you in love.
  • Angels, I really enjoyed the dream with an angel message last week and am happy for this sort of communication in the future. Thank you in love.
  • Angels, I am nervous about feeling a physical touch and would prefer that we explore other ways of communicating with each other. Thank you in love.

   2.   Do you have other ideas of your own for giving permission? Are there things you         want to do,say or even wear?     

  • Make notes of these too and then date your experiences. If you wish, read out your request to the angels now.

As with all exercises, write up your final requests in a notebook – leaving space to add others at a later date.          

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Just because you a mummy doesn’t mean you can take stress any better, you are not alone……

To the mom hiding in her bathroom, needing peace for just one minute, as the tears roll down her cheeks..
To the mom who is so tired she feel likes she can’t function anymore and would do anything to lay down and get the rest she needs…
To the mom sitting in her car, alone, stuffing food in her face because she doesn’t want anyone else to see or know she eats that stuff…
To the mom crying on the couch after she yelled at her kids for something little and is now feeling guilty and like she is unworthy…

To the mom that is trying desperately to put those old jeans on because all she really wants is to look in the mirror and feel good about herself…
To the mom that doesn’t want to leave the house because life is just too much to handle right now…
To the mom that is calling out for pizza again because dinner just didn’t happen the way she wanted it to…
To the mom that feels alone, whether in a room by herself or standing in a crowd…
You are enough.

You are important.

You are worthy.
This is a phase of life for us. This is a really really hard, challenging, crazy phase of life.
In the end it will all be worth it. But for now it’s hard. And it’s hard for so many of us in many different ways. We don’t always talk about it, but it’s hard and it’s not just you.
You are enough.

You are doing your best.
Those little eyes that look up at you – they think you are perfect. They think you are more than enough.
Those little hands that reach out to hold you – they think you are the strongest. They think you can conquer the world.
Those little mouths eating the food you gave them – they think that you are the best because their bellies are full.
Those little hearts that reach out to touch yours – they don’t want anything more. They just want you.
Because you are enough. You are more than enough, mama.

You. Are. Amazing. ❤️❤️
Credit: Latched and Attached

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Amid the clamour of the modern world, silence has a great therapeutic value.


Finding and appreciating silence will help you to banish painful thoughts or emotions.

Try the following meditation.

  • I will cultivate silence for its peace and grandeur.
  • I am connecting with silence.
  • I will let the silence block out bad thoughts.
  • Silence will help me to let go of painful thoughts and emotions.

If you wake up in the night worrying about a problem, turn your attention instead to the quiet darkness around you -or relish an experience more by living it silently, giving it your full attention.

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Affirmation of the month “I release thoughts of fear and limitation. I’m excited and creatively present. I’m willing to change and grow in ways that are perfect for me.”

Steps to a positive change:

Sit in a quiet spot and ask your guardian angel to be with you.Put your hand on your heart and visualise it filling with pink light. Smelling a rose, or rose essential oil will, automatically strengthen this heart connection, as will focussing on a person you love, a beloved pet or beautiful landscape.

If you wanted to work with crystals for this heart-opening exercise these crystals would be ideal: Amazonite, Celestite, Actinolite, and Rose Pink Tourmaline.

Write down all the positives in the situation or relationship or person that you can think of. If you’ve been seeing this negatively for a while, begin with small things. For example, it could be the fact that your workplace offers sick pay, excellent coffee and that you’re near a lovely park where you can spend your lunch break! If it’s an aspect of yourself you want to change and you don’t feel self-loving, notice what others appreciate about you. Are you kind? Do you have a great sense of humour? Are you relypiabke, affectionate or an inspiring friend?

Hold one of your crystals and affirm: ‘ I appreciate all the positives. I’m so excited to think of my life becoming even better. In six weeks/six months/a year I’ll be …. and I’m enjoying every step of the journey towards the goal. I’m discovering new qualities and abilities in myself and others along the way. I’m alert and open to the new opportunities the Universe is sending to help me manifest my desires.

Keep your crystal charged with your desire, within reach, and at any time you feel discouraged, read your list of positives. (You may wish to add to it!) and repeat your affirmation.
Nikki Wyatt original source.

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Like everything in nature, your body will change with the seasons and years. ~ Unselfconsciousness healing meditation.

Learn to be comfortable with yourself at every age and accept the cycle of life. As you meditate, repeat these thoughts to yourself.

  • I am a small wave in the ocean of existence.
  • I will change with the tides and will accept these changes.
  • I am gradually being absorbed into the ocean of existence.
  • All is water, nothing more.

If you are inclined to compare yourself unfavourably with others, think of your wholeness and who you really are. Surrendering yourself to time’s passage without resentment is an important part of healing meditation.

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An angel will never give up on you, even if you have given up on yourself!

Many of us are plagued by feelings of unworthiness or low self-esteem. Keep in mind that all thoughts create energy, and like attracts like. When we focus on negative thinking, we attract disappointments and disasters.

Archangel Chamuel and the Angels of Love can help you overcome negative feelings if you ask. Close your eyes and ask that angelic love surround you. Banish negative thinking by saying, three times, ‘be gone feelings of anti-love!’ See yourself surrounded by bright pink light and feel instantly uplifted.

Remember, also, that your guardian angels are with you even when you are feeling negative. You are special to your angels no matter how you are feeling about yourself. Whenever you need reassurance, guidance, protection and love, just call on them for help. Soon you will be shown the way to happiness again.

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Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy…

I would like to introduce you to the three-minute ‘breathing space’ – a shorter meditation to help us include mindfulness deep in our daily lives. Ideally I would ask you to do it at least three times a day. You could try to do one each time you make a cup of tea at home or work.
I have found a helpful app it is called the Headspace app – which you can set to send you reminders throughout the day to take a mindful moment.
The ‘breathing space’ is made up of three parts:

Awareness – Bring yourself into the present moment by deliberately adopting an upright posture. If you can, close your eyes. Then ask – ‘What is my experience right now, in thoughts, in feelings and in bodily sensations?’. Acknowledge and register this experience, even if it isn’t one that you want.
Gathering – Redirect your attention to your breathing, to each breath as it comes. Your breath can work as an anchor to bring you into the present and help you become more aware.
Expanding – Expand your awareness so you get a sense of your body as a whole and stay like this as best you can for a minute or so.
How does the breathing space meditation help us manage our thoughts and feelings?
Firstly, it brings your attention to the present and stops you thinking about the past or worrying about the future – that rumination that can so easily lead to a negative spiral. 
Secondly, it actually takes up thinking space. If we are spending time trying to be aware of our breath, we are not ruminating and worrying as much. 
Thirdly, when our mind wanders, and we bring it back to our breath we are getting practice in recognising that our mind has wandered into thoughts – and practice in ‘changing gear’ back to being aware of the breath.

Even if when we practice, we are only bringing our mind back to the breath from thoughts about what’s for tea, this trains us to get more skilful at doing it when we do have more difficult and intrusive thoughts. Through the breathing space, we get better at stepping out of that automatic pilot mode and reconnecting with what is happening in the present moment.

Recognition and ‘stepping out of the stream’

It feels like this recognition is one of the most important parts. In recognising your mind had wandered into thoughts or emotions, It feels like you are gaining some perspective on your thoughts – and seeing them just as thoughts or moods, and not as reality.

You can always imagine it like a stream. It’s easy to get stuck in the stream, bogged down and washed away by the endless tumult (or the gentle flow when we’re lucky) of thoughts and feelings. Doing a mindfulness of the breath meditation will help you to mentally step onto the bank.

Your thoughts and feelings may still be there; But your focus will try to stay aware of the bank and letting the thoughts and feelings flow past without becoming too engaged with them. The hardest part is, when a difficult thought or feeling comes along, is not to get sucked back in but instead to recognise it – ‘I’m judging myself now…there goes that thought about not being good enough…here’s a bit of frustration’ – and then return to the breath (the bank) without following the thought any further down the stream.

Segal, Williams and Teasdale book:
“Some instructors picture the mind as being like a vast clear sky. All our feelings, thoughts and sensations are like the weather that passes through, without affecting the nature of the sky itself. The clouds, wind, snows and rainbows come and go, but the sky is always simply itself, as it were a ‘container’ for these passing phenomena.
We practice to let our minds be that sky, and to let all these mental and physical phenomena arise and vanish like the changing weather. In this way, our minds can remain balanced and centred, without getting swept away in the drama of every passing storm.”

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Great unhappiness or pain can be mitigated by reflective meditation.

By this, I mean, putting the problem into perspective and accepting the reality of a situation. This mantra can help you reflect and accept.

  • I will reflect on all the gifts life has given me.
  • I will also reflect quietly on any pain or unhappiness.
  • My suffering is in the past – a place to learn from.
  • I breathe in – and, as I breathe out, bad thoughts leave me.
  • I accept myself – I am where I am right now.

This reflective exercise will help you to put the past behind you and to move forward. Use it to unburden yourself of any major problem that has held you back.