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Create an Angel Garden Sanctuary 

  • First you need a chair, a bench or perhaps an old log. A natural back chair is perfect. Back it into the corner or against the wall. 
  • If you are feeling inspirational you could upcycle a chair from a charity shop, design and make your own floral cushions to bring outside with you when the weathers dry!
  • If you have a hidey hole in your garden, this may be the perfect place for your ‘meditation’ area.
  • If you have no shaded spots in your garden, maybe you could shield off an area with scented plants in pots, or use screening from the garden centre, or better still, how about a rose arch, with an old gate and paint a sign then this truly is your area! Be creative, make it your own, somewhere to chill out and relax.
  • You may wish to hang lanterns or candles in pretty holders, as there are many to choose from on the market.
  • You could also string outdoor lights in different colours, to enhance your mood, and invite you in to meditate.
  • Sound is important in your sacred area, adding a water feature is soothing and relaxing, however, make sure you visits the toilet first! The sound of trickling water may make you have the urge to spend a penny!
  • If space is tight, you could use an old dish, place pebbles and crystals inside of it, and place this near your front door or on a windowsill. Keep it topped up with fresh water so it glistens in the sun – ensure you rinse it out regularly so it remains fresh and not stagniot, slimy water.
  • Add some garden angel statues or fairy figurines. Let your imagination go wild!
  • Your space will be magical because you have created a unique area just for you!
  • Gift shops and many garden centres sell natural bamboo wind chimes why not add a chime or two!
  • Also keep a look out for pebbles with natural holes in them – traditionally these are doorways to other realms.

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If you want to know where Heaven is, stop looking at your feet.

Have you noticed how we shuffle along with our shoulders hunched as if we carried the weight of the world on our backs? With our eyes focused on the ground in front of us,we miss much of the beauty around us. In the angelic heirachy, nature Devas and spirits are as important as the rest. We connect with these beings by practising awareness of the beauties in nature.

Look up. Don’t miss the butterfly flirting with the breeze, or the sparkling dew on the spiders web. Watch the speed and grace of the clouds racing across the sky. When you see the wonders of nature, send the angels thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for the manifold beauties of the Heavenly world.

The next time you lean against a tree, ask a question from your heart. The answer will come from that sense of calm from the essence of the tree – from the angel that is its vital spirit.

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There are many ways you can use incense to enhance your environment, and you can even make your own. Try using incense for meditation and relaxation.

Making your own incense

First consider the mood you would like to create, then choose the appropriate herbs and begin.

You will need

  • A pestle and mortar
  • A glass jar with lid
  • 7 parts resin – such as, frankincense, myrrh, copal or benzoin.
  • 3 parts dried herbs, flowers or bark. For example, dried lavender, rose petals or basil are ideal.
  • A few drops essential oil to enhance fragrance.


  1. Place the resin ingredients in the mortar.
  2. Add the other ingredients.
  3. Mix the ingredients together and grind with the pestle to create a consistent texture.
  4. Finally, add a few drops or any aromatherapy essential oil of your choice.
  5. Store the incense for at least two weeks to allow the different scents to mingle.

Charcoal burners

To burn loose incense, you will need charcoal blocks and a fireproof dish.

  • Fill the container with some Earth to prevent it from overheating.
  • Light the charcoal by holding it with tweezers-to prevent you burning your fingers!-over an open flame.
  • Sprinkle loose incense over the hot charcoal and allow it to smoulder.

Sprinkle loose incense over charcoal to release the incense’s fragrance.

Choosing scents for incense and joss

Many dried plants can be used when making your own incense. 

  • Frankincense – lends its own name to ‘incense’ and is one of the most popular ingredients. It enhances positive emotions and creates a meditative atmosphere.
  • Jasmine – Oriental jasmine is a traditional perfume ingredient. It’s relaxing  scent can help loosen tension and inhibitions.
  • Lemongrass – This grass’s strong, sweetvsmell helps repel insects and is often used outside.
  • Myrrh – This resin with a warm, slightly bitter smell is used for its healing and sensually stimulating properties.
  • Patchouli – Patchouli can be used as both an antiseptic and a perfume. It is helpful for easing anxiety and stress.
  • Pine – The fresh, antiseptic smell of pine needles or copal (pine resin) banishes cigarette odours and can disinfect a sickroom.
  • Rose – Rose can be used to set the scene for seduction.

Choose your incense to create a romantic mood, cleanse a room or ease stress.

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Even if you love your job, it can still leave you feeling stressed. Many causes of work-related stress can be anticipated however, enabling you to enjoy a more relaxed day.

Simple ways to de-stress at work

Stress in the office builds  up when you have a heavy workload, long hours and tight deadlines. Conflict with your boss or colleagues also adds to stress levels, as well as a lack of support and advice. Unpleasant working conditions such as a crowded  workspace, constant interruptions, noise pollution or not enough natural light all contribute to work-related stress.

Recognising the problem

It’s often hard to admit to yourself that your own attitudes can contribute to stress experienced at work. If you’re an over-achiever, you may have a calendar crammed far too full of activities. If you find it hard to say “no”, you may be over-extended and overwhelmed. If you are a perfectionist you may find it difficult to delegate work to other people.

These sources of stress can be overcome by managing your time better, being more assertive and improving your communication skills.

If you tend to worry or criticise yourself, you may be stressed about your job performance and work far too hard.

Simple work stress-busters:

No matter how much work you have to do, it’s always good to take a five-minute break between tasks. This gives you the chance to wind down and literally catch your breath. A stress-relieving tonic tea can also ease frazzled nerves.

A tonic tea helps to lessen anxiety levels in the workplace.

A tonic tea recipe

  • Take three teaspoons each of fresh dandelion and nettle, and one each of fresh blackcurrant and borage leaves.
  • Mix together in a tea stainer, and leave to infuse in boiling water, for five minutes. Strain, and sweeten the tea with lemon and honey.
  • Stay in the kitchen and stir the mixture while it’s infusing. Focusing on making the tonic will help to relax you as much as drinking it will.
  • While you’re in the kitchen, you’ll be breathing in the aroma of the infusing herbs, allowing you to benefit from their soothing properties for longer.


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Slipping into sleep when you need to is made easier by subtly changing the way you use your bedroom.


Creating your ideal sleeping area all helps with natural healing, stress relief and a good sleep.

The way you use your bedroom can have a profound effect on your ability to get a good nights sleep. Your bedroom is your sanctuary. A calm and relaxing place, it’s your personal space, somewhere you chill and be yourself.

However, if you live in a bedsit or open living spaces, your bedroom may be the place where you study, eat or entertain your guests, as well as sleep.

If your bedroom is also included in your general living area, then you may find it difficult to switch off psychologically at bedtime. If this is the case for you, then you need to train your body that your bed is only associated with sleeping. Get into bed only when your really tired and on the verge of falling asleep. If you feel like reading or watching TV, then relax in a chair or floor cushions rather than sitting on your bed.

Making simple changes to the way you use your bedroom will help you into the habit of drifting off to sleep easily.

From the mattress you choose to aromatherapy, there are plenty of ways that you can prepare your bedroom for a restful nights sleep. Check out these pointers:

  • Keep it dark – we associate light with daytime and being active. If you find that light is disturbing your sleep, then use heavy curtains to keep your room dark, or perhaps use/try an eye-mask.
  • Reclaim your bed – you may be associating your bed with activities other than sleep. Try to separate your bed from other areas of your room, such as a desk, or easy chairs, by using a screen or a thin curtain.
  • The right mattress – an uncomfortable mattress or pillow can lead to back pain and a bad nights sleep. Mattresses and pillows should be replaced once the support in them has gone.
  • Lose outside noise – light is not the only form of distraction from the outside world. Traffic noise can be a huge disturbance but you can dampen the sound with heavy blinds or curtains.
  • Fresh air – Even in winter, fresh air is essential for a sound nights sleep. Stuffiness or smells can remind you of your day or unsettle you, preventing your mind from clearing itself and switching off.
  • Temperature – your body cools down during sleep. Opening your window or using a fan can help to drop the temperature of a room. This then helps to get your body prepared for slumber.
  • Silent night – to block out distracting background noises, try wearing ear-plugs or playing low-volume relaxing music. White noise, such as a fan, may also help to lull you to sleep.
  • Dream pillow – A dream pillow is a small sachet filled with aromatic herbs. When squeezed, the fragrances of the herbs within help you to drift into a restful sleep.

I hope this helps x


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Do you want to attract money into your home?

Basil is a herb that is easy to grow in a little pot in the kitchen, which is then transferred outside during the warmer months. It’s aromatic green leaves symbolise money and financial success, and are easily incorporated in kitchen magic as well as in spells. If you do not like the taste of ordinary basil, do not worry – try one of the varieties on offer such as Thai basil, or leaves that have lemon, spicy cinnamon or even chocolate scents.

Useful spells for Basil

To attract money into your home after the Christmas festivities, try this; 

Place five Basil leaves and five copper coins under your front door mat. As you place down each coin and leaf, say ‘money come to me-just as much as I need. Greedy I am not, I don’t need a lot.’

How about attracting more income?

Prepare a dish with lots of basil (spaghetti with pesto is especially good, as the yellow pasta symbolises energy and inspiration), and eat it on a Thursday before discussing possible options with your family or asking for a raise at work.

Do you spend too much money whilst on a shopping spree?

Place a green piece of string in your wallet with basil oil rubbed into it, position it so that every time you open your wallet to pay for things you see it. It will soon curb your bad habits.

Did you know that basil was traditionally grown on St Basils feast day on 2nd January. Greek people believe that on this date bread containing a coin should be baked and given to family.

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Amid the clamour of the modern world, silence has a great therapeutic value.


Finding and appreciating silence will help you to banish painful thoughts or emotions.

Try the following meditation.

  • I will cultivate silence for its peace and grandeur.
  • I am connecting with silence.
  • I will let the silence block out bad thoughts.
  • Silence will help me to let go of painful thoughts and emotions.

If you wake up in the night worrying about a problem, turn your attention instead to the quiet darkness around you -or relish an experience more by living it silently, giving it your full attention.

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How to make a cough syrup ~ naturally …

To make a cough syrup, simply!

Just a few sips of this natural cough syrup, helps soothe sore throats. The antibacterial properties of honey, also helps to fight throat infections.

  1. Pour 300 ml of boiling water into a jug containing a sliced lemon and one teaspoon of organic honey.
  2. You can add sage-chop fresh sage-helps soothe an achy head, or

                                  Ginger-grated fresh ginger- stimulates circulation. Or

                                   Thyme-a spoonful of chopped fresh thyme-fights infection.

     3.  Cool, strain and take a 20ml  spoonful, three times a day.


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Herbal remedies to treat your tired body, sore throat, runny nose, soothe and cure your cold symptoms.


Runny nose, Phlegmy cough, sweating?

Leaving your body dehydrated and thirsty. So as it’s cold outside so you made a nice hot drink of regular tea or coffee. No, no, no! Caffeine makes you more dehydrated. You need a herbal tea, that’s caffeine-free, which allows you to enjoy your hot drink with no side-effects.

Herbal teas and fresh fruit juices can provide a valuable source of vitamins and minerals, particularly if you’ve lost your appetite.

Echinacea:  available as herbal tea bags. Or a dried herb.

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Can shorten the length of a bout of cold/flu
  • As a preventative measure drink a cup a day of Echinacea from the start of winter.

Citrus fruits: Lemon, grapefruit, orange juices

  • All antiseptic 
  • Have uplifting properties
  • Help beat the ‘winter blues”
  • Oranges can bring down temperatures
  • Grapefruit stimulates lymphatic system and fights fevers
  • Lemon cleanses and purifies.
  • Heat essential oils in a vaporiser, or
  • Eat fresh fruit to boost vitamin C levels.

Eucalyptus: place eucalyptus and lemon in a bowl of hot water to make sinus-clearing       steam inhalation.

  • This antiseptic essential oil works on the respiratory tract, soothing inflammation and clearing catarrh from the head and sinuses.
  • Place a few drops on a handkerchief and inhale at intervals – this will relieve nasal congestion.

Rosemary:available as an essential oil, or dried/fresh herb.

  • Eases headaches – drink 50ml of rosemary tea every 3 hours.
  • Sore throats – Gargle with a diluted syrup.
  • Can raise your spirits so you feel better.

Garlic : clove, powder, or oil form – try to include in your diet-or take a fresh clove 2 to 3 times daily between meals

  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Helps immune system fight infections.
  • Effective remedy for chest infections.

Sage: Drink as a herbal tea throughout day. pregnant women should avoid sage and thyme.

  • Has chest healing properties
  • Useful for treating colds
  • Helps restore appetites.

Thyme: available as fresh/dry herb, or essential oil

  • Fights infections
  • Relieves low spirits and exhaustion 
  • Fortifies the body against colds.
  • Drink 50ml of tea 3 times a day, or take 20 ml of syrup 3 times a day.

Ginger : avaible as a root or essential oil.

  • An antiseptic
  • Stimulant
  • Expectorant all in one for a muscle rub.

Honey: unlike sugar, honey will help ease your cold.

  • Soothes sore throats and tickle coughs
  • Provides relief from headaches
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Use instead of sugar to sweeten herbal drinks.

Tip for storage:

Store your coldbusting herbs and herbal tea bags in a dry, wooden box in a dark cupboard. 

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Unlike loneliness, solitude is desirable, bringing the calm and peace of mind that are necessary to resolve problems and conflicts.

This healing meditation mantra will help you: 

  • I am here in the present, absorbing the air and every breeze.
  • I can immerse myself in the experience, losing my thoughts to the colours of nature.
  • As I become one with my surroundings, I feel their connection with my innermost self.
  • Bathed in calm, I think more clearly.

Solitude offers a healing escape from painful problems. Natural surroundings are the most theraptic, but you cen , with practice, be alone anywhere, even in a crowd.