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Working with Angels

IMG_0542Angel Meditation 


Allowing yourself to achieve a deeply relaxed state of mind.


Using an affirmation can help to create encouraging and optimistic thoughts about your goals.


following an action (such as lighting a candle) while saying your affirmation will certainly help to make it memorable.

Altars and displays

Arranging your personal effects in such a way that they are a constant reminder of your links with your angels.


Lighting a candle is a ritualistic way of ‘opening to the light’. Therefore candles are useful for meditations and your angel ceremonies.

Oils and incense

Pure aromatherapy oils are also suitable for your angel work.


These beautiful, natural objects are a joy to behold, and are sources of untold power.


These are probably one of the most important of the ‘tools’; they are the chosen sign from the angels themselves.


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