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The spheres of Angels and the Archangels

Over many years ancient scholars have tried to classify the angels and sort them into different groups. These groups are called, ‘the angelic hierarchy’ or ‘spheres of angels’. The angels work with humankind as guardian angels are the ones closest to us, the angels at the top of the tree are the angels who work right next to God.

The name ‘angel’ is thought to come from the Greek word ‘angelos’ which means ‘messenger’. In the bible angel Gabriel visited Mary with a message, (he informed her that she was pregnant with the baby Jesus.) This important task makes Gabriel one of two of the best known of all the angels. The other is Archangel Michael, the warrior angel – a protector associated with churches and other places of worship).

The three spheres of the Angel

First Sphere (working closet to God)

  1. Seraphim
  2. Cherubim
  3. Thrones

Second Sphere (looking after the planets)

  1. Dominions
  2. Virtues
  3. Powers

Third Sphere (working closest to humankind)

  1. Principalities
  2. Archangels
  3. Guardian angels.

The Archangels

The Archangels are the best known of all the angels, although their names and spellings do change slightly in different parts of the world.

Here are ten of the best known and their traditional roles:


  • In charge of animals and birds.
  • Archangel Ariel is also in charge of the nature Kingdom, which includes the fairies – also called the angels of the Earth.


  • Often seen in paintings and statues in churches.
  • Archangel Michael is the head of the heavenly armies, so is strong and powerful and usually seen carrying his sword of protection.


  • The messenger Angel
  • Archangel Gabriel is in charge of communication and the patron of postal workers.


  • The angelic healer.
  • Archangel Raphael works with doctors, nurses and healers of all kinds. He is also the patron of travellers.


  • A kind and loving angel who sends you messages in dreams.
  • Archangel Jeremiel helps you to connect to your past lives.


  • Because of the good work the human prophet Elijah performed on earth.
  • God made him into the Archangel Sandalphon.
  • Carries human prayers up to God.


  • Archangel Metatron was once a human man called Enoch.
  • He is the angel who records all human thoughts and deeds and this information is stored in the heavenly ‘Book of Life.’


  • The healer of the Earth.
  • Archangel Uriel helps to bring order after earthquakes, floods and fire.


  • The creative force behind many great works.
  • Archangel Zadkiel helps with ideas and inspiration in your own endeavours.


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