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Angel Feathers …

Little white feathers have become the angels prettiest sign. Feathers appear when we need them the most, but they don’t have to be white. I am sure that those industriouss angels will use whatever is easily to hand, that might mean, even a black or bright pink one! Please note, that black feathers do not represent anything bad. 

Ask for a feather sign. The feather may turn up when you least expect it!

An angel feather is always one that appears just when you need it the most or it may appear after you have asked for a sign.

Collect your angel feathers and save them as if they were precious jewels. You can gather them in a pretty jar or box, you can then use them in craft projects, or give them away to loved ones as gifts.

Coincidences and Manifestation

Asking for a sign can mean many things, have you ever thought of a person and had that same person ring you later in the day? Angel coincidences happen all the time. Perhaps the most appropriate sign from your own angels is for you to have meaningful coincidences in your own life.

Let’s look at the word ‘ask’ once again. Asking for what you want is important for it to manifest in your life, so ask your angels for what you want. Always ask for ‘the most suitable solution’ after your request then allow for the angels to come up with an even better plan than the one you considered yourself.

Sometimes you can bring coincidences into your life by creating the vision first of all. Decide what you want, write it down, create an angel manifestation (see below-exercise) poster and then ask your angels to help you bring about your chosen goals.

Exercise: Make an angel manifestation poster

  • Materials needed
  • Three pieces of paper : 1 to write notes, 2 pieces for making posters
  • Marker pens
  • And yourself in a positive mindset!!

If you could have anything in your life what would it be? Your goals need to be realistic ‘to you’. You have to believe in them. Try not to add limitations on your goals, or worry about how they might happen. Hand the solution to your angels and follow their lead and suggestions.

  • Write down the numbers 1 to 20 in a large sheet of paper. List 20 things that you would like to achieve in the next 12 months. These goals can be anything you want.

  • Read down the list and pick the top five. Highlight them in a bold marker pen. Read them again. Which ones make you feel really excited?

  • Pick, say, two to start with. Get yourself two large pieces of white paper. At the top of the page, write down your goals in large letters with a felt tip marker pen. Each page has its own goal.

  • Then write underneath, ‘I am really happy, angels, that I have achieved my goal of …….’, and write in a little more detail about your goal, as if you have already achieved it.

  • Decorate your paper. Place a smiling photo of yourself in the middle, and add photos of family and friends around you, particularly those you want involved in the plan or goal.

  • Find photos to represent your goal – a plane, car, uniform for a new job, exotic location, for example – then place them around the outside.

  • When you have finished, put your ‘angel manifestation poster’ where you will see it every day.

  • Sit down right now and absorb yourself into your image. Ask your guardian angel to help you. ‘See’ very strongly that you are in this situation of your choosing. ‘Feel’ the emotions you would feel if you were actually there or had achieved your goals. At all times know that your angel is by your side helping to create exciting opportunities to further your goal – stay alert and follow any likely situation that arises.


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