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How do Angels contact us?

Our angels are in contact with us every single day. Of course, that does not mean that we are always aware of that contact. I appreciate that if you don’t know what you are looking for then it is difficult to know when these contacts take place.

Are you a shy, or very quiet person?

Sometimes our angels’ communication is decided by our own personality traits. Therefore, if you are a shy or very quiet person, a dramatic contact from the other world would be frightening, and they would take this into consideration.

If we’re in a mess, is it because we created this mess?

Sometimes their contact with us is dictated by the situation we find ourselves in. If our angels jump in too soon and sort it all out, then what have we learnt from the situation? Challenges in life help to strengthen the soul, giving us more confidence in our own abilities.

Listening angel friends

Have you ever been in difficulties in your life? Of course you have. We all have problems in our lives – it’s part of being human. It’s great though, when you have a good friend. Friends give us the shoulder to cry on when times are hard. We all have a person in our lives who tries to tell us how we might handle a situation better or how we should have done it differently. This can be very frustrating! When we’re down we don’t want some ‘smarty-pants’ to tell us what we did wrong. The best friends are those that listen – just listen. Angels are the friends who listen the best.

So do not be afraid, you always have angels nearby, who are listening to you and your concerns. Start your angel journal today. Write down your questions, or issues you want help with, and await angelic action!


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