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What is the role of an angel?

An angels role in our human existence is fairly straightforward. They protect and they love, this happens in many forms. Generally, angels help us when we are trying to solve problems, however, they are not permitted to take over. Our life problems are what helps us grow. Anything that gives angels power over humans is not allowed, and anything that means they are trying to make someone do something they don’t want to is not permitted.

Angels love to help us to achieve our goals but prefer to act as do-creators rather than magicians. Ask your angels to bring into your life people who can help you with your problems rather than to solve your problems for you. Imagine how empowered you will feel when you achieve your own goals ….. with a little help from your friends.

What angels can do…

  • Send us feelings of love and support
  • Perform dramatic rescues when it’s not our time
  • Appear to warn us of danger and steer us away from hazards
  • Provide important information to help us with decision-making
  • Being human support and guidance when we need it most
  • Help us to help ourselves
  • Mend things
  • Assist with healing
  • Be our friends
  • Substance
  • Matter

What they cannot do ….

  • Bring us the winning lotto numbers
  • Solve our problems
  • Make someone fall in love with you
  • Achieve our goals for us
  • Interfere with our life lessons
  • Spy on our neighbours
  • Hurt/harm others
  • Manipulate the free will of ourselves or others
  • Force us to work in their interest
  • Function
  • Energy

Giving the angels permission to help

Consider the point about manipulating free will, what does this mean? 

Imagine you create your first garden and your very proud of your efforts. If your new neighbour was a fantastic gardener, and came round to your house and started moving plants about without your permission, you would quite rightly get cross. Why are they messing about with your things?

Let’s look at the above example again. With your new garden you have experienced some difficulties, and you pop around to your neighbours house to ask for advice. Your neighbours offers you a few suggestions, giving you the opportunity to follow their advice or not. It would be your choice, your own free will. 

If we use the same rule with angels, you can see that we need to invite the angels to work with us. As humans we have the divine right to free will and freedom of choice, and as long as you don’t try to manipulate the free will of others (or break any laws) then most things will be OK.

How do I give this permission?

Simply ask out loud for help or support with individual things, or ask for help at the beginning of each day.

You could write down a request, call on God directly in the form of a prayer, or perform some sort of ritual.

You could also indicate your permission by wearing an angel pin, carrying an angel coin or a worry stone – a pebble or crystal into which you project your worries. Or by placing angel figurines in your home, car and place of work.


Ask the angels to help you…

How would you like to indicate your permission to the angels?

Do you want to read or say specific words to your guardian angels?

This is, perhaps, one of the most direct ways of giving permission.

  1. Choose your words carefully and write them down. Remember to say thank you after your request. Here are some examples of the things you might like to say:
  • Angels, I love my collection of white feathers – please bring more signs that you are close. Thank you in love.
  • Angels, I love it when I feel you around me and it makes me flutter with excitement, but I felt frightened when I heard a noise in the kitchen last night, so I would that you don’t indicate your presence in that way. Thank you in love.
  • Angels, I really enjoyed the dream with an angel message last week and am happy for this sort of communication in the future. Thank you in love.
  • Angels, I am nervous about feeling a physical touch and would prefer that we explore other ways of communicating with each other. Thank you in love.

   2.   Do you have other ideas of your own for giving permission? Are there things you         want to do,say or even wear?     

  • Make notes of these too and then date your experiences. If you wish, read out your request to the angels now.

As with all exercises, write up your final requests in a notebook – leaving space to add others at a later date.          


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