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How do people see angels? Do you want to know an angel secret?

Many people see angels as human-type figures with wings, and others see twinkling lights or bands of rainbow-coloured lights.

Some people have been known to have seen angels the size of ‘fairies’, others believe them to be the size of ‘giants’. People see these magnificent beings with their hands through the roof of the house and their feet through the floor. Traditional reports of angels include beings in fire and grotesque figures with hundreds of eyes.

Angels don’t mind how we ‘imagine’ them. They are comfortable and happy with our images and understand them to be representations of themselves. Angels have no egos and have no wish to be worshipped as gods. As humans I think it is important for us to have some images in our mind – our own personal representation of the angels and how they look to us. If you think about it right now, what is an angel to you?

Angel secret

It is the angels’ greatest wish that they comfort you and bring you joy. If you feel the angels close to you, remember to say thank you and acknowledge that you are aware of them. If you’re happy with the way that they appear to you (by bringing you a feather or touching your cheek or shoulder), let the angels know you are happy with this approach and they will use this method on other occasions.

Likewise, if you feel fear at the way they approach you, let them know so they can adjust their behaviour accordingly.

Talk to your angels!

See your angel meditation

Read through the meditation a few times to familiarise yourself with it, then go ahead. Don’t worry if you don’t get it exactly.

  • Sit in a quiet room and close your eyes. Take three deep, cleansing breaths by breathing in through your nose and blowing the breath out through your mouth. Then breathe nice and normally. Feel yourself becoming more relaxed.
  • Imagine you are in a beautiful garden. This garden is a safe and happy place, full of deep peace and love. You are comfortable here.
  • Spend a few moments creating the perfect garden around you. What can you see? Are there flowers? Can you see trees in your vision? Water? Birds?
  • Find a place to sit in your garden and wait for the angel to approach you. Up ahead of you an angel is beginning to form. Look carefully at it. Is the angel emerging from light or a doorway of some sort? Do they appear in colour? Do they appear with nothing? Can you see their feet? Look around and see if there are colours or shapes around the angel. Are they carrying anything? Is any other symbolism attached to the figure that you see before you?
  • Then the angel sends love towards you. Feel this unconditional love. Spend a few moments enjoying this wonderful energy. When you are ready, the angel will begin to pull back again. Then in your own time, open your eyes and bring yourself gently back into the room. Recall where you are in the here and now and ‘be’ sitting back in your chair.
  • Make as many notes as you can remember. What did the angel look like? What did the angel feel like? Remember, the purpose of the exercise is to ‘see’ the angel.
  • Next take a pencil and make some sketches of what you can remember. Don’t worry about your drawing skills, just draw. If you have coloured pencils, use these to make any impressions you might have. When you are finished, date your work and save it.



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