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If you want to know where Heaven is, stop looking at your feet.

Have you noticed how we shuffle along with our shoulders hunched as if we carried the weight of the world on our backs? With our eyes focused on the ground in front of us,we miss much of the beauty around us. In the angelic heirachy, nature Devas and spirits are as important as the rest. We connect with these beings by practising awareness of the beauties in nature.

Look up. Don’t miss the butterfly flirting with the breeze, or the sparkling dew on the spiders web. Watch the speed and grace of the clouds racing across the sky. When you see the wonders of nature, send the angels thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for the manifold beauties of the Heavenly world.

The next time you lean against a tree, ask a question from your heart. The answer will come from that sense of calm from the essence of the tree – from the angel that is its vital spirit.


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