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The best way to ensure you enjoy a stress-free day is to plan your time carefully. Don’t rush things – and make sure you leave yourself time to relax.

Planning your stress-free work day.

  • Have a stress-free start

Make sure you start the day in the right frame of mind! Get up early and give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Running for the bus at the last minute, trying to fix your make-up en route and arriving 30 seconds before the vital meeting starts, these are all ways to begin the day a little less flustered.

  • Keep your tasks in perspective

Break your day into a series of manageable tasks. Instead of thinking of the day as a whole, look at it in bite-size chunks. Place these separate tasks in order of importance. 

  • Be honest about your capabilities.

Learn to say ‘no’. Be assertive about your needs, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. You work colleagues may not realise your workload, and that you really do not have time to take on additional tasks. They will understand. Don’t be afraid to delegate  if you do not have the time to complete tasks yourself in time.

  • Make sure you take your breaks 

Have a proper lunch break, away from your desk! Eating healthy food rather than snacks, will help reduce your stress levels. Also having breaks away from your work, will allow you to take a step back and reflect on any problems you are facing and look at ways to resolve them.

  • Admit your mistakes

Take responsibility for your mistakes, and more importantly admit to them as soon as they happen. There is nothing worse than worrying about when your boss is going to find out about your slip up. Just be honest it will go a long way to making amends, and is a lot less stressful.

  • Tidy your desk!

Organisation is the key! Take five minutes at the end of your working day to tidy your desk, then in the morning you’ll know where everything is. There will be no anxiety in remembering where you put an important memo, as you are organised!

  • Take credit when it’s due

You have the right to feel happy and proud of yourself sometimes! Stressed people often don’t take the time to feel pride and pleasure in their own achievements. Ensure your colleagues are aware of your successes so you can go out and celebrate!


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