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Even if you love your job, it can still leave you feeling stressed. Many causes of work-related stress can be anticipated however, enabling you to enjoy a more relaxed day.

Simple ways to de-stress at work

Stress in the office builds  up when you have a heavy workload, long hours and tight deadlines. Conflict with your boss or colleagues also adds to stress levels, as well as a lack of support and advice. Unpleasant working conditions such as a crowded  workspace, constant interruptions, noise pollution or not enough natural light all contribute to work-related stress.

Recognising the problem

It’s often hard to admit to yourself that your own attitudes can contribute to stress experienced at work. If you’re an over-achiever, you may have a calendar crammed far too full of activities. If you find it hard to say “no”, you may be over-extended and overwhelmed. If you are a perfectionist you may find it difficult to delegate work to other people.

These sources of stress can be overcome by managing your time better, being more assertive and improving your communication skills.

If you tend to worry or criticise yourself, you may be stressed about your job performance and work far too hard.

Simple work stress-busters:

No matter how much work you have to do, it’s always good to take a five-minute break between tasks. This gives you the chance to wind down and literally catch your breath. A stress-relieving tonic tea can also ease frazzled nerves.

A tonic tea helps to lessen anxiety levels in the workplace.

A tonic tea recipe

  • Take three teaspoons each of fresh dandelion and nettle, and one each of fresh blackcurrant and borage leaves.
  • Mix together in a tea stainer, and leave to infuse in boiling water, for five minutes. Strain, and sweeten the tea with lemon and honey.
  • Stay in the kitchen and stir the mixture while it’s infusing. Focusing on making the tonic will help to relax you as much as drinking it will.
  • While you’re in the kitchen, you’ll be breathing in the aroma of the infusing herbs, allowing you to benefit from their soothing properties for longer.



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