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Slipping into sleep when you need to is made easier by subtly changing the way you use your bedroom.


Creating your ideal sleeping area all helps with natural healing, stress relief and a good sleep.

The way you use your bedroom can have a profound effect on your ability to get a good nights sleep. Your bedroom is your sanctuary. A calm and relaxing place, it’s your personal space, somewhere you chill and be yourself.

However, if you live in a bedsit or open living spaces, your bedroom may be the place where you study, eat or entertain your guests, as well as sleep.

If your bedroom is also included in your general living area, then you may find it difficult to switch off psychologically at bedtime. If this is the case for you, then you need to train your body that your bed is only associated with sleeping. Get into bed only when your really tired and on the verge of falling asleep. If you feel like reading or watching TV, then relax in a chair or floor cushions rather than sitting on your bed.

Making simple changes to the way you use your bedroom will help you into the habit of drifting off to sleep easily.

From the mattress you choose to aromatherapy, there are plenty of ways that you can prepare your bedroom for a restful nights sleep. Check out these pointers:

  • Keep it dark – we associate light with daytime and being active. If you find that light is disturbing your sleep, then use heavy curtains to keep your room dark, or perhaps use/try an eye-mask.
  • Reclaim your bed – you may be associating your bed with activities other than sleep. Try to separate your bed from other areas of your room, such as a desk, or easy chairs, by using a screen or a thin curtain.
  • The right mattress – an uncomfortable mattress or pillow can lead to back pain and a bad nights sleep. Mattresses and pillows should be replaced once the support in them has gone.
  • Lose outside noise – light is not the only form of distraction from the outside world. Traffic noise can be a huge disturbance but you can dampen the sound with heavy blinds or curtains.
  • Fresh air – Even in winter, fresh air is essential for a sound nights sleep. Stuffiness or smells can remind you of your day or unsettle you, preventing your mind from clearing itself and switching off.
  • Temperature – your body cools down during sleep. Opening your window or using a fan can help to drop the temperature of a room. This then helps to get your body prepared for slumber.
  • Silent night – to block out distracting background noises, try wearing ear-plugs or playing low-volume relaxing music. White noise, such as a fan, may also help to lull you to sleep.
  • Dream pillow – A dream pillow is a small sachet filled with aromatic herbs. When squeezed, the fragrances of the herbs within help you to drift into a restful sleep.

I hope this helps x



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