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What is the role of an angel?

An angels role in our human existence is fairly straightforward. They protect and they love, this happens in many forms. Generally, angels help us when we are trying to solve problems, however, they are not permitted to take over. Our life problems are what helps us grow. Anything that gives angels power over humans is not allowed, and anything that means they are trying to make someone do something they don’t want to is not permitted.

Angels love to help us to achieve our goals but prefer to act as do-creators rather than magicians. Ask your angels to bring into your life people who can help you with your problems rather than to solve your problems for you. Imagine how empowered you will feel when you achieve your own goals ….. with a little help from your friends.

What angels can do…

  • Send us feelings of love and support
  • Perform dramatic rescues when it’s not our time
  • Appear to warn us of danger and steer us away from hazards
  • Provide important information to help us with decision-making
  • Being human support and guidance when we need it most
  • Help us to help ourselves
  • Mend things
  • Assist with healing
  • Be our friends
  • Substance
  • Matter

What they cannot do ….

  • Bring us the winning lotto numbers
  • Solve our problems
  • Make someone fall in love with you
  • Achieve our goals for us
  • Interfere with our life lessons
  • Spy on our neighbours
  • Hurt/harm others
  • Manipulate the free will of ourselves or others
  • Force us to work in their interest
  • Function
  • Energy

Giving the angels permission to help

Consider the point about manipulating free will, what does this mean? 

Imagine you create your first garden and your very proud of your efforts. If your new neighbour was a fantastic gardener, and came round to your house and started moving plants about without your permission, you would quite rightly get cross. Why are they messing about with your things?

Let’s look at the above example again. With your new garden you have experienced some difficulties, and you pop around to your neighbours house to ask for advice. Your neighbours offers you a few suggestions, giving you the opportunity to follow their advice or not. It would be your choice, your own free will. 

If we use the same rule with angels, you can see that we need to invite the angels to work with us. As humans we have the divine right to free will and freedom of choice, and as long as you don’t try to manipulate the free will of others (or break any laws) then most things will be OK.

How do I give this permission?

Simply ask out loud for help or support with individual things, or ask for help at the beginning of each day.

You could write down a request, call on God directly in the form of a prayer, or perform some sort of ritual.

You could also indicate your permission by wearing an angel pin, carrying an angel coin or a worry stone – a pebble or crystal into which you project your worries. Or by placing angel figurines in your home, car and place of work.


Ask the angels to help you…

How would you like to indicate your permission to the angels?

Do you want to read or say specific words to your guardian angels?

This is, perhaps, one of the most direct ways of giving permission.

  1. Choose your words carefully and write them down. Remember to say thank you after your request. Here are some examples of the things you might like to say:
  • Angels, I love my collection of white feathers – please bring more signs that you are close. Thank you in love.
  • Angels, I love it when I feel you around me and it makes me flutter with excitement, but I felt frightened when I heard a noise in the kitchen last night, so I would that you don’t indicate your presence in that way. Thank you in love.
  • Angels, I really enjoyed the dream with an angel message last week and am happy for this sort of communication in the future. Thank you in love.
  • Angels, I am nervous about feeling a physical touch and would prefer that we explore other ways of communicating with each other. Thank you in love.

   2.   Do you have other ideas of your own for giving permission? Are there things you         want to do,say or even wear?     

  • Make notes of these too and then date your experiences. If you wish, read out your request to the angels now.

As with all exercises, write up your final requests in a notebook – leaving space to add others at a later date.          

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Healing with Frankincense ~ chest infection, period pain, postnatal depression, spiritual healing, magical properties and so much more ……..

Frankincense was once treasured as highly as gold, and it remains one of the more expensive oils. It has many healing properties.

Frankincense has been prized since the time of the pharaohs, who considered it an oil of enlightenment and wisdom, an exotic treasure that was more valuable than gold. It’s powerful, sweet and woody fragrance is still used today as incense in temples and churches.

Medication and meditation

The magical properties of frankincense are best activated by using it in an essential oil burner. The powerful aroma is conductive to meditation and yoga as it slows down and deepens breathing, imparting a sense of elevated calm.

It also has a wide-ranging therapeutic properties; its expectorant action is used to treat colds and respiratory illnessses; it is a balancing gastric tonic; and it is also good for complexion.

Active ingredients of frankincense

Frankincense acts on the central nervous system. It promotes slow, deep breathing that helps to calm the mind and body, and lift the emotions.


Some studies suggest burning frankincense as incense or in an essential oil burner releases the mind-altering chemical trahydrocannabinole, which may be responsible for the oil’s links with religious visions and spiritual experiences.


These comprise 50 per cent of frankincense and include pinene, limonene and camphene among many others. 

Terpenes are toning, warming and stimulating. They give the oil expectorant and antiseptic qualities.

Pinene, although present in small concentrations, adds a hint of pine to the frankincense’s aroma and is a potent antiseptic.


Olibanol and farnesol are both present in low concentrations. Some studies suggest farnesol in particular has outstanding anti inflammatory and antiseptic actions.

Healing with this magical oil ……. To treat mature or damaged skin……

Using frankincense oil ~ Frankincense oil has many beneficial applications, including being an aid to healing and as a toner to improve the complexion. It is also used in magic.

  • To treat mature or damaged skin
  1. Reduce stretch marks– To reduce scarring or stretch marks, mix: 2 drops each of frankincense, lavender, and neroli into lotion and apply daily.
  2. Face mask for mature skin– Make a nourishing face mask for mature skin with 30ml clay, 10 ml honey and 2 drops each frankincense, carrot seed oil and lavender oils.

A few drops of frankincense on a compress helps to heal damaged skin and ease scarring after burns or surgery.

Spiritual healing…..

Use frankincense joss sticks, incense or oil in an oil burner to create an atmosphere of contemplation and comfort during periods of meditation and prayer, and while you practice yoga.

  1. Dispel apathy with a pulse-point massage oil blend of 8 drops of grapefruit, 6 drops of frankincense, 5 drops of sandalwood and 3 drops of neroli in 50ml of sweet almond oil, rubbed into your temples.
  2. Banish frustration by inhaling 4-5 drops each of frankincense, neroli and bergamot from a handkerchief.

For insight and inner strength, use a mind-expanding blend of 5 drops each of frankincense, juniper and beragamot in an oil burner.

Chest infections…..

Frankincense has decongestant and expectorant properties that can help to ease stuffy heads and bronchial problems.

  1. Use a night time rub to fight chest infections. Add 3-4 drops each of frankincense and cedar wood to 15ml of sweet almond oil.
  2. Ease asthma symptoms with a massage blend of 3-4 drops each of lavender, clary sage and frankincense in 25ml sweet almond oil.

A woman’s Comfort Oil

Frankincense’s balancing properties make it a valuable oil for women.

  1. Relieve period pain – Ease painful periods with an abdominal massage blend of 6 drops frankincense, 3 drops rose, and 25ml sweet almond carrier oil.
  2. Postnatal depression – To ease depression, dilute 10 drops geranium, 8 drops frankincense and 4 each lavender and neroli in 50 ml carrier oil.
  3. Dispel grief – Soothe feelings of loss with 10 drops frankincense and 5 drops each geranium and grapefruit oil added to a warm bath.

A gentle head massage can also help to ease feelings of depression or grief.

Magical oil….

Frankincense has been regarded as a holy and purifying aroma since Ancient Babylon.

  • Ancient Egyptians burned frankincense in their temples at midday to symbolise the Sun God. Ra’s passage through the skies. Their name for frankincense translates as ‘becoming godly’.
  • Egyptians myths told of the Phoenix bringing frankincense to Egypt in its claws.
  • Frankincense was one of the three gifts brought by the wise men to the Baby Jesus in Christian lore.

In the ancient world, frankincense was only found in the lands of the Queen of Sheba, where it was traded at a greater value than gold.

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How do people see angels? Do you want to know an angel secret?

Many people see angels as human-type figures with wings, and others see twinkling lights or bands of rainbow-coloured lights.

Some people have been known to have seen angels the size of ‘fairies’, others believe them to be the size of ‘giants’. People see these magnificent beings with their hands through the roof of the house and their feet through the floor. Traditional reports of angels include beings in fire and grotesque figures with hundreds of eyes.

Angels don’t mind how we ‘imagine’ them. They are comfortable and happy with our images and understand them to be representations of themselves. Angels have no egos and have no wish to be worshipped as gods. As humans I think it is important for us to have some images in our mind – our own personal representation of the angels and how they look to us. If you think about it right now, what is an angel to you?

Angel secret

It is the angels’ greatest wish that they comfort you and bring you joy. If you feel the angels close to you, remember to say thank you and acknowledge that you are aware of them. If you’re happy with the way that they appear to you (by bringing you a feather or touching your cheek or shoulder), let the angels know you are happy with this approach and they will use this method on other occasions.

Likewise, if you feel fear at the way they approach you, let them know so they can adjust their behaviour accordingly.

Talk to your angels!

See your angel meditation

Read through the meditation a few times to familiarise yourself with it, then go ahead. Don’t worry if you don’t get it exactly.

  • Sit in a quiet room and close your eyes. Take three deep, cleansing breaths by breathing in through your nose and blowing the breath out through your mouth. Then breathe nice and normally. Feel yourself becoming more relaxed.
  • Imagine you are in a beautiful garden. This garden is a safe and happy place, full of deep peace and love. You are comfortable here.
  • Spend a few moments creating the perfect garden around you. What can you see? Are there flowers? Can you see trees in your vision? Water? Birds?
  • Find a place to sit in your garden and wait for the angel to approach you. Up ahead of you an angel is beginning to form. Look carefully at it. Is the angel emerging from light or a doorway of some sort? Do they appear in colour? Do they appear with nothing? Can you see their feet? Look around and see if there are colours or shapes around the angel. Are they carrying anything? Is any other symbolism attached to the figure that you see before you?
  • Then the angel sends love towards you. Feel this unconditional love. Spend a few moments enjoying this wonderful energy. When you are ready, the angel will begin to pull back again. Then in your own time, open your eyes and bring yourself gently back into the room. Recall where you are in the here and now and ‘be’ sitting back in your chair.
  • Make as many notes as you can remember. What did the angel look like? What did the angel feel like? Remember, the purpose of the exercise is to ‘see’ the angel.
  • Next take a pencil and make some sketches of what you can remember. Don’t worry about your drawing skills, just draw. If you have coloured pencils, use these to make any impressions you might have. When you are finished, date your work and save it.


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The crucial difference between ordinary exercise and movement meditation is mindfulness.

Meditation practice involves mentally scanning your body bit by bit as you move and becoming aware of each part in sequence.


  • The tensions in my body dissolve with mindful movement.
  • As I move, I feel the energy flow into all my body extremities.
  • Slow, mindful hand movements help me to pay attention to the moment.
  • Rhythmic movements such as dance steps boost mental harmony.

Movement meditation can be practised at any time of the day when you would normally exercise – or even when you are walking to work or going to the shops.

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If you want to know where Heaven is, stop looking at your feet.

Have you noticed how we shuffle along with our shoulders hunched as if we carried the weight of the world on our backs? With our eyes focused on the ground in front of us,we miss much of the beauty around us. In the angelic heirachy, nature Devas and spirits are as important as the rest. We connect with these beings by practising awareness of the beauties in nature.

Look up. Don’t miss the butterfly flirting with the breeze, or the sparkling dew on the spiders web. Watch the speed and grace of the clouds racing across the sky. When you see the wonders of nature, send the angels thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for the manifold beauties of the Heavenly world.

The next time you lean against a tree, ask a question from your heart. The answer will come from that sense of calm from the essence of the tree – from the angel that is its vital spirit.

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Are You In A Bad Mood Or Is It An Earth Bound Spirit Who Won’t Leave You Alone?

Original source
When the physical body dies people are not always ready to move on. They can choose to remain in the vibration they were at when embodied. They do not have more knowledge. They do not become more enlightened. They are still subject to the sympathetic person. Why? They feel much more comfortable being in a physical body because that’s what they know. They do not and cannot (without permission) take over the body. Their subconscious “programming” does influence the living person’s body and mind. If the person whose body in which a spirit attachment is in is sensitive to energy, that person will feel and react to the spirit attachments thoughts and emotions, not realizing they belong to someone else.

Spirit attachments are ‘Earth Bound’ meaning they are stuck in a limbo state even if they don’t realize it. They are also stuck in the emotions and mind set ( Programmed beliefs) they had while embodied. Their mind set and emotions, as well as the aliments that affected them before passing away will affect the body they are attached to. Sometimes it starts with anxiety or thoughts of impending doom, other times it starts with physical symptoms for aliments that the body does not have. Which leaves the doctor and the patient frustrated, confused or even misdiagnosed.

If you have an attachment, using the Pendulum or Muscle testing will be very inaccurate, as the thoughts of this person will affect the testing. You might be able to discover whether you have one or more spirit attachments with the following: Test with the Pendulum these statements ( but substitute it with your name): “Kim’s Higher Self knows Kim to have a spirit attachment.” “Kim’s body has more than one spirit in it.” “Kim’s energy field has more than one spirit in it.”


 If you get a ‘yes’ to any of these, remain calm. It is like having a roommate. Subconsciously, you agreed to this roommate or he/she would not be with you. All this person needs to know is he/she has better choices.
In a quiet moment in your home point out these choices to the spirit(s) with you:
Close your eyes, breathe in and out to relax, then in your mind or out loud say “I am now my I am” and imagine that you are inside of an empty white room located in the center of your chest. You can test “I am my I am” and “I am in my heart space” and if you get yes for both all you have to do is say “I am my I am and I command all beings that are not “Kim” get into this room now!”

In the ceiling of the while room there is a huge spot light as well as a huge sprinkler like the ones that go off when there is a fire in the room.
As the room fills with people who are not “Kim” you may see them as people or just energy orbs or mist, it really does not matter how you see them because as soon as something appears either the sprinkler sprays them and they dissolve or the spot light turns on and they are vacuumed up into it like the old “beam me up scotty” on star trek.
This is the quantum way of doing things and is the best and most effective as well as easy way to do things. If you would like to do the old fashion way and communicate with the hitchhikers and find out who they are and why they are there you can surely do so. In this case say “I am my I am and I command that any soul who has been in my body that is not me step forward now” then imagine on the back wall of the room a door. The door will open and through it will come one being at a time. Those who have been there the longest will come first or you can say “who ever is making me feel so depressed come forward now” for example. Once they come forward you can ask who they are, how long they have been there, why they are there. They may be confused, they may tell you that you are the dead one that you are actually in their body, I speak from experience on that one!
Next tell them:
1)Look for a Light. It is a Light brighter than the sun, except you can look directly into it. You will feel it welcoming you and drawing you to it. There is no judgment or punishment in the light. You can suggest he/she ask for the perfect guide from the light to come escort them and show them the way. Reassure the spirit no one ever has to stay in the light, but it is in the light he/she will be shown how to attain what he/she desires, including having exactly the kind of body they want if they want to be in the body again. Or, if they feel they did not finish up the life they wanted as they desired or still feel things are missing from that life they will be helped to explore their unfulfilled desires. Then say “Goodbye, I know you are safe now”.
2)Then call in the next soul and do the same thing all over again. This is what I use to clear beings and I had times where it took me 4 hours to clear all the beings from clients or myself. The quantum option I gave first is clearly the fastest and easiest and I programmed it to be instant and that God’s light keep you and the spirits protected from fallen beings or other harmful energies in the universe.
When you are done with either technique say in your head or out loud “I am my I am and I now ask my Higher Self to keep me and my home surrounded with the divine light of the holy spirit and Christ light and that my higher self keep all spirits who do not belong here away.”
 Every time before using the pendulum (or other muscle testing), begin with this statement: “My Higher Self knows me to be free of spirit attachments.” If no, you know what to do. If yes, you might also test this: “My Higher Self knows me to have been free of spirit attachments for the past week” just to be sure you are normally spirit attachment free.
A statement that can be used with the snowglobe technique after connecting to the snowglobe, grounding, and clearing using the light from above you can say “I am alone in my snowglobe” if you test “yes” you are good if you test “no” say “I am more than one” , “I am more than 2”, “I am more than 3, or 10, or 100, etc…” once you know how many you are say “I am my I am and I am alone in my snowglobe” imagine that you are in the center of your chest, inside the heart area, and then say Zero. Imagine that a huge white zero comes from above you, drops down into your snowglobe, down through your body, and out your feet into the center of the earth. Then test again “I am alone in my snowglobe” and you should be good. If not do it again until you are clear but the first time should work the only reason it would not is if you are not truly aligned with your heart or your I am self.
By: Maris Moris
Intuitive Teacher, Healer, Medium


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Believe it or not, the Bible is the most unique book ever written.

Extract from: ‘Unlocking the Bible’ Jeff Lasseigne’

A nine year old boy named Joey went to his Sunday School class, and the teacher spoke about how God delivered the Hebrew people from the clutches of Pharaoh and the Egyptian army. On the way home from church, Joey’s mother asked him what he had learned that morning. Joey answered, “our teacher told us how God sent Moses behind enemy lines on a rescue mission to lead Israel out of Egypt. When he got to the Red Sea, he had his engineers build a pontoon bridge, and all of the people walked across safely. Then he used his walkie-talkie to talk to headquarters and call in an air strike when the Egyptians were closing in on them. They sent in bombers to blow up the bridge and destroy the enemy, and all of the Israelites  were saved.” His mother said, “Now Joey, is that really what the teacher told you this morning?” 

Joey hesitated and said, “well, not exactly, but if I told it the way the teacher did, you would never believe it!”

Even though the bible has been published and translated into many languages, many people still do not even know the content of the Bible, Joey in the story above, shows how biblical stories have become unrealistic to the generation of today. We need a sense of direction in life and I believe that our historical roots would be the best place to start. Hence the reason in me wanting to explore the Bible from someone who is experienced enough to show me the way, via this book. (Unlocking the Bible.)

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There are many ways you can use incense to enhance your environment, and you can even make your own. Try using incense for meditation and relaxation.

Making your own incense

First consider the mood you would like to create, then choose the appropriate herbs and begin.

You will need

  • A pestle and mortar
  • A glass jar with lid
  • 7 parts resin – such as, frankincense, myrrh, copal or benzoin.
  • 3 parts dried herbs, flowers or bark. For example, dried lavender, rose petals or basil are ideal.
  • A few drops essential oil to enhance fragrance.


  1. Place the resin ingredients in the mortar.
  2. Add the other ingredients.
  3. Mix the ingredients together and grind with the pestle to create a consistent texture.
  4. Finally, add a few drops or any aromatherapy essential oil of your choice.
  5. Store the incense for at least two weeks to allow the different scents to mingle.

Charcoal burners

To burn loose incense, you will need charcoal blocks and a fireproof dish.

  • Fill the container with some Earth to prevent it from overheating.
  • Light the charcoal by holding it with tweezers-to prevent you burning your fingers!-over an open flame.
  • Sprinkle loose incense over the hot charcoal and allow it to smoulder.

Sprinkle loose incense over charcoal to release the incense’s fragrance.

Choosing scents for incense and joss

Many dried plants can be used when making your own incense. 

  • Frankincense – lends its own name to ‘incense’ and is one of the most popular ingredients. It enhances positive emotions and creates a meditative atmosphere.
  • Jasmine – Oriental jasmine is a traditional perfume ingredient. It’s relaxing  scent can help loosen tension and inhibitions.
  • Lemongrass – This grass’s strong, sweetvsmell helps repel insects and is often used outside.
  • Myrrh – This resin with a warm, slightly bitter smell is used for its healing and sensually stimulating properties.
  • Patchouli – Patchouli can be used as both an antiseptic and a perfume. It is helpful for easing anxiety and stress.
  • Pine – The fresh, antiseptic smell of pine needles or copal (pine resin) banishes cigarette odours and can disinfect a sickroom.
  • Rose – Rose can be used to set the scene for seduction.

Choose your incense to create a romantic mood, cleanse a room or ease stress.

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The best way to ensure you enjoy a stress-free day is to plan your time carefully. Don’t rush things – and make sure you leave yourself time to relax.

Planning your stress-free work day.

  • Have a stress-free start

Make sure you start the day in the right frame of mind! Get up early and give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Running for the bus at the last minute, trying to fix your make-up en route and arriving 30 seconds before the vital meeting starts, these are all ways to begin the day a little less flustered.

  • Keep your tasks in perspective

Break your day into a series of manageable tasks. Instead of thinking of the day as a whole, look at it in bite-size chunks. Place these separate tasks in order of importance. 

  • Be honest about your capabilities.

Learn to say ‘no’. Be assertive about your needs, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. You work colleagues may not realise your workload, and that you really do not have time to take on additional tasks. They will understand. Don’t be afraid to delegate  if you do not have the time to complete tasks yourself in time.

  • Make sure you take your breaks 

Have a proper lunch break, away from your desk! Eating healthy food rather than snacks, will help reduce your stress levels. Also having breaks away from your work, will allow you to take a step back and reflect on any problems you are facing and look at ways to resolve them.

  • Admit your mistakes

Take responsibility for your mistakes, and more importantly admit to them as soon as they happen. There is nothing worse than worrying about when your boss is going to find out about your slip up. Just be honest it will go a long way to making amends, and is a lot less stressful.

  • Tidy your desk!

Organisation is the key! Take five minutes at the end of your working day to tidy your desk, then in the morning you’ll know where everything is. There will be no anxiety in remembering where you put an important memo, as you are organised!

  • Take credit when it’s due

You have the right to feel happy and proud of yourself sometimes! Stressed people often don’t take the time to feel pride and pleasure in their own achievements. Ensure your colleagues are aware of your successes so you can go out and celebrate!

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Even if you love your job, it can still leave you feeling stressed. Many causes of work-related stress can be anticipated however, enabling you to enjoy a more relaxed day.

Simple ways to de-stress at work

Stress in the office builds  up when you have a heavy workload, long hours and tight deadlines. Conflict with your boss or colleagues also adds to stress levels, as well as a lack of support and advice. Unpleasant working conditions such as a crowded  workspace, constant interruptions, noise pollution or not enough natural light all contribute to work-related stress.

Recognising the problem

It’s often hard to admit to yourself that your own attitudes can contribute to stress experienced at work. If you’re an over-achiever, you may have a calendar crammed far too full of activities. If you find it hard to say “no”, you may be over-extended and overwhelmed. If you are a perfectionist you may find it difficult to delegate work to other people.

These sources of stress can be overcome by managing your time better, being more assertive and improving your communication skills.

If you tend to worry or criticise yourself, you may be stressed about your job performance and work far too hard.

Simple work stress-busters:

No matter how much work you have to do, it’s always good to take a five-minute break between tasks. This gives you the chance to wind down and literally catch your breath. A stress-relieving tonic tea can also ease frazzled nerves.

A tonic tea helps to lessen anxiety levels in the workplace.

A tonic tea recipe

  • Take three teaspoons each of fresh dandelion and nettle, and one each of fresh blackcurrant and borage leaves.
  • Mix together in a tea stainer, and leave to infuse in boiling water, for five minutes. Strain, and sweeten the tea with lemon and honey.
  • Stay in the kitchen and stir the mixture while it’s infusing. Focusing on making the tonic will help to relax you as much as drinking it will.
  • While you’re in the kitchen, you’ll be breathing in the aroma of the infusing herbs, allowing you to benefit from their soothing properties for longer.