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What is an Empath? Empathy are tuned into the Invisible.

This is a generic term for someone whose energy boundaries aren’t as strong and rigid as others. They are more energetically open, sensitive and responsive to the feelings of others and automatically tune in and feel what a person is feeling without always intending to.

People like this tend to be very affected by the energy around them, people, places, animals ana objects. They are the sort of people that if they spend time with people who are depressed, they will leave feeling very low themselves and if someone around them is very upbeat, they will automatically feel more positive and upbeat themselves.

The answer to stopping this ‘energy leakage’ is not to become hard-hearted and close off. It’s simply to be aware of the energy of people around you and say to yourself,‘I do not wish to feel what they are feeling.’ Intention is everything here; the moment you make an intention not to absorb other people (or spirits) emotions, you will find things begin to change.

Having this sponge-like energy is a positive and a negative skill for Mediums and Physics. On one hand it is very important skill that they use to tune in and feel a person or spirits energy. On the other hand, they are sensitive and in tune with others, they can take their feelings on and become drained as a result of this.


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