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How a Psychic and Medium Work ~ Ethical Boundaries

The difference in how a Psychic and Medium work:

  • A Medium tunes into the energy of spirits or overworldly beings in other energy dimensions to bring through messages from loved ones.
  • A Psychic tunes into energy of a living human being in this physical reality to give advice,guidance and insights into their past, present and future.
  • A Medium raises their vibration to meet in the middle between themselves and spirit. The Spirit will need to lower theirs to be perceived by and speak to the Medium.
  • A Psychic often gives advice and guidance. Their messages often contain their own guidance according to what they read in the clients energy.
  • A Medium only brings through pure and clear messages without giving their own interpretation.
  • A Psychics energy is not usually affected by tuning into an earthly vibration, as long as they work ethically and remember to open up and close down before and after a session.
  • A Medium’s energy can be affected by connecting to the Spirit world, and because of this should maintain good ethical boundaries, remember to open up and close down only when working and ask Spirit to take away anything that is uncomfortable for them to feel.
  • A Psychic can usually stay tuned in for longer than a Medium. This is because an earthly vibration does not affect the physical body as much as the higher vibration of spirit.
  • A Medium should be mindful of the energies they connect to, as spirits can sometimes ‘imprint’ on the Mediums energy to give validation of who they are. This can sometimes feel uncomfortable or emotional. Any spirit that does not take away the feeling or step back when asked to, should be disconnected from.


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