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Types of Mediumship

There are three types of Mediumship:

  • Mental Mediumship
  • Physical Mediumship
  • Trance/channel Mediumship

Mental Mediumship

This genre to summarise briefly:

  • A person is able to either see, ( either physically or in their mind’s eye)
  • Feel
  • Know or hear (either physically or in their mind)
  • Energies that are not perceivable in the physical world.

These skills and abilities are known as Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing), or Clairsentience (feeling/knowing)

These senses are innate and a Medium becomes highly tuned in when they practice regularly and keep their connection to their guides to enable skills to be developed further.

Physical Mediumship

This is a more dramatic Mediumship. The Spirit can manifest physical phenomena to validate their presence through the physicality of a Physical Medium.

This physical phenomena can take the form of materialisation, transfiguration, direct voice, applets, and other types of physical movement and transformation around the Medium.

To be a Pnysical Medium, a certain type of physical energy is necessary, for this reason there are not a lot of Physical Mediums; because the impact of this work on their bodies, a great deal of dedication is needed in this field of work.

Trance/ Channel Medium

This type of Mediumship is where the person becomes an ‘open channel’; this done by withdrawing consciously and disconnecting from their mind. In this state a non-physical being can communicate through them, using their voice box and/or body.

Channelling/ healing

Healing is not a form of Mediumship, but it is also a way of channelling energy from one dimension to another.

The Medium/healer opens up their energy to receive and channel higher vibrational, healing energies through to the physical body of another person.

Many Mediums are also healers.

Platform Mediumship

This means that a Medium takes to a public stage  and brings through several spirits, one after the other, to give messages from loved ones in spirit. Sally Morgan and Tony Stockwell are examples of this.

This type of work is only for a few Mediums who have the right type of protection from spirit and help through their guides, along with the right physical and mental strength to do the work.


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