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Your angels don’t see your physical actions and deeds, only the intentions in your mind.

Angels are working in accordance with Divine Law.

Their only interest is to assess humanity to evolve into the light. In Buddhism there is a belief that each of us has a ‘Buddha nature’ that is capable of attaining Nirvana, or enlightenment, for ourselves. 

One of the methods of finding our pathway to the light is that of ‘right intention’; the idea is that it is not so much the action you take but the thought behind it. In your heart you are aware of your actions, and that you must hold the intention to do no harm.

Some who have reached enlightenment have developed such immeasurable compassion that they choose to remain as Bodhisattvas to help us on the path. 

This is like the work of the Archangels and great Ascended Masters who strive with us on many levels, lovingly guiding our route to union with the Divine, if that is our choice.


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