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Do we need proof? ~ Why the closed, logical mind needs proof of the non-physical ~ skeptics of Mediumship

The simple response to this question is YES. We need proof of life after death, and other dimensions like heaven. We need this physical evidence, because whilst our souls occupy our physical bodies we use our mind for analysing such matters.

We are given our brains for our own protection, to use for planning, creatitivity and for remembrance. We are therefore protected to move forward in our lives.

With our mind we have the ability to understand the physical world around us. Our physical bodies we use to function and move around! Our mind is the necessary part of being a human being.

Unfortunately we have let our mind and ego control us. We use our minds to judge and criticise others, from this we make decision based upon what we think is right or wrong.

We generally overthink things, and create an anxious and worried state of mind, which we carry around in our thoughts, within our mind.

Open your mind

Because we overthink, analyse and judge other people, this creates a limited view of ourselves and our environments in which we live. What we cannot see we don’t understand, therefore many people need to see physical proof of Mediumship. This proof can help our logical minds to open up to the possibility of life after death. This will enable people to explore and absorb new ideas and beliefs.

Mediumship under scientific scrutiny.

It is interesting that many people struggle with what they cannot see, yet they have religious idols in which they cannot see either, yet they follow these beliefs sincerely and faithfully. So this brings about the question, ‘has there ever been scientific research into whether one of our Gods really do exist?‘ Controversial thought I know. (I do believe in God and appreciate everything he created for our existence.)

What I do know, there has been a huge amount of research undertaken upon psychics and mediums etc.. and a lot of their findings are indeed proven to be factual. With the gift on the internet, in particular YouTube, we have worldly connections from people who can document evidence of spiritual existence, for everyone to watch and see for themselves.

Dr Baischel has researched Mediumship as a scientific study, her initial thoughts:

Science is just a tool. It’s one way we learn how the universe works so it can be applied to anything. And there were a lot of people with strong opinions about what the capacity of mediums is. Can they report accurate and specific information? So I took the scientific method and applied it to Mediumship. Again, it’s just a tool you can apply to anything and so yes, it does go together because it’s something we don’t fully understand yet. So yes, (Mediumship) is the perfect thing for science to tackle because we don’t understand it.

From her research, some of her findings:

What we’ve found in all three of those ways that we look at scoring, we’ve achieved statistically significant positive results in a study done in 2007, and a replication study that we just published earlier in 2015. So the original study was 16 readings and this most recent study is 58. So a total of 74 readings in which within a controlled environment, mediums could report accurate and specific information about the deceased when no sensory information could be plausible for where they got their information.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. When the results above were posted online for everyone to see, many of the comments were scathing and judgemental as their logical thinking couldn’t accept these findings. Therefore most people condemned this scientific research, even though they wanted proof in order to believe.

This increasingly challenging and difficult world in which we live in, we continue to only believe logical thoughts and what’s deemed to be true to us, however, there’s so much more, so if you do believe then follow me, or join me as equals as we experience the spiritual realm together. A new adventure……… how exciting!!!



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