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Mediumship explained “Spiritual people believe that when we die, we move from a physical, heavier vibration, to a non-physical higher vibrational state in another dimension, AND we still continue to exist in that new state.”

What is a Medium?

The word ‘Medium’ (or ‘Median’) simply means ‘in the middle’. A medium truly is a person who acts as the middleman/woman, you could say that they are an interpreter bringing messages from beings in other dimensions or worlds. A glorified secretary!

What’s the difference between a MEDIUM and a PSYCHIC?

Many people become confused with this terminology. It is often mistaken that they are as one, and the same. The difference between the terms are:

  • MEDIUM : is the one in the middle, between two worlds. They tune into and converse with beings from other non-physical dimensions.
  • PSYCHIC. :  is a person who can tune into the energy field of a living person, and intuitively perceive everything about their story by reading their energy fields, including their past, present and future.

Because we are conscious beings, we not only have our mind and ego, we also have our souls, our unconsciousness. Our soul is capable of perceiving things that are non-physical – not material or seeable.

This is what our intuition is. It’s the ability to ignore the mind while tuning into what is non-physical, like a radar, and pick up feelings, visions and ‘knowings’ about things we cannot see. If we learn to do this well, we can do this for ourselves to help both ourselves and other people in daily living.

Believing in yourself and how you intuitively ‘feel’, is just as important as believing in your thoughts generated by your ego, which can be both judgemental and limiting. To be able to practice this technique is a very important part of being a Medium.

There is more to life than the physical world. A Medium is simply tuning into energies which dwell in a non-physical world, which vibrate at a higher level and cannot be perceived by the human eye.

Everything is energy

It is commonly agreed in the spiritual realms, that everything is energy. This means that even your physical body, is actually vibrating at a certain rate. 

Continuing with this idea, it would seem that if everything is energy, it therefore only changes from one state of being to another and cannot be destroyed.

Einstein was aware of this, he often spoke of this theory. The laws of physics have shown that even a cell or molecule is pure energy. The only difference between the physical and non-physical world is that the physical vibrates at a lower, denser or heavier rate than the non-physical world.

What we see with our eyes Is known as physical energy – its vibrations are at a denser rate, and is perceivable to the human eye.

Our bodies are our physical vessel, however, it doesn’t mean that we do not have a lighter invisible energy, which is held within our physical vessel. This invisible energy is simply our ‘consciousness’ or our ‘soul’.

After Life, what’s next?

It’s a spiritual belief that when your physical body dies, your ‘spirit’ automatically travels through a portal, to a dimension that has a refined energy, and new energy vibrations. This is what ‘going to heaven’ is – the shift from the physical realm to the non-physical realm.

Have you had a near-death experience?

Did you feel like you were floating, feeling light and free? In a place filled with pure love. No jealously, greed, or hatred, as we humans dwell upon, just calmness and peace.

So to bring me back to the beginning, ‘what is a Medium’; a Medium ‘tunes in’ and connects with energies from another state of non-physical existance and through their link they bring stories and messages from loved ones.


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