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Affirmation of the month “I release thoughts of fear and limitation. I’m excited and creatively present. I’m willing to change and grow in ways that are perfect for me.”

Steps to a positive change:

Sit in a quiet spot and ask your guardian angel to be with you.Put your hand on your heart and visualise it filling with pink light. Smelling a rose, or rose essential oil will, automatically strengthen this heart connection, as will focussing on a person you love, a beloved pet or beautiful landscape.

If you wanted to work with crystals for this heart-opening exercise these crystals would be ideal: Amazonite, Celestite, Actinolite, and Rose Pink Tourmaline.

Write down all the positives in the situation or relationship or person that you can think of. If you’ve been seeing this negatively for a while, begin with small things. For example, it could be the fact that your workplace offers sick pay, excellent coffee and that you’re near a lovely park where you can spend your lunch break! If it’s an aspect of yourself you want to change and you don’t feel self-loving, notice what others appreciate about you. Are you kind? Do you have a great sense of humour? Are you relypiabke, affectionate or an inspiring friend?

Hold one of your crystals and affirm: ‘ I appreciate all the positives. I’m so excited to think of my life becoming even better. In six weeks/six months/a year I’ll be …. and I’m enjoying every step of the journey towards the goal. I’m discovering new qualities and abilities in myself and others along the way. I’m alert and open to the new opportunities the Universe is sending to help me manifest my desires.

Keep your crystal charged with your desire, within reach, and at any time you feel discouraged, read your list of positives. (You may wish to add to it!) and repeat your affirmation.
Nikki Wyatt original source.


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