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When your light is shining at it’s brightest, beware of attracting too many moths.

When we open ourselves completely we can be susceptible to interference from beings that are not necessarily useful to us. It is important to learn how to protect yourself. Primarily, call on Archangel Michael for protection and imagine an instant blue light surrounding you. Visualise a cloak of blue wrapped around you and request the protection of Michael’s sword.

You can visualise yourself with a strong white light, like a spotlight, that is with you all the time. If you wish, circle yourself with a golden light and ask that it protect you with Universal love and light. Choose whichever method feels right for you and make a determined effort to establish it as one of your daily spiritual practices. At the same time ask for the gift of discernment, that the angels will guide you to only what is right and true for the highest possible good of all concerned.


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