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Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have forgotten how to fly.

A young child was brought into hospital on a stretcher. She was unconscious and accompanied by her parents and a policeman. Lucy had run into the middle of a very busy road where a truck had hit her and ran over her twice. She was examined and only a small bruise on her shoulder was found. Just before being sent to x-ray she opened her eyes and smiled. “Where is the man in white?” she demanded. The doctor came forward. ” No, no, the man in the very long white, shiny dress.” As her mother stroked her face, Lucy said, “That man stroked my face as he picked up the wheels.”


Join me in creativity, knitting/crochet free patterns and pointers... Creativityvsmadness creative projects that allow you timeout from the madness of everyday life! My sister site: Spiritualawakeningcvm16 Join me in my journal discovering the spiritual realm. Together we can discover angels, crystals, prayers and how to heal ourselves holistically. A little bit of mindfulness, meditation and tarot/oracle cards.

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