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What’s your zodiac crystal?

Find out which gemstone is linked to your star sign, and how it can help you.

              Aries ~ bloodstone:

  • To calm the mind and give a strong grounding effect. 
  • Under its gentle influence, your sign’s impatience and irritability are dispelled.

               Taurus ~ Malachite:

  • Releases your mind and emotions so you remain focussed in the present.
  • It also helps you stay with a feeling rather than dismiss or hide from it, as your sign would!

  Gemini ~ Blue agate:

  • Neutralises feelings of anger or anxiety and reminds you that you are loved.

         Cancer ~ Citrine:

  • Allows you to steer situations in a positive direction without obsessing over or judging them, as your star sign tends to do!

   Leo ~ Black onyx:

  • Encourages a healthy emotion for Leo’s flamboyancy.
  • Also it helps release negative emotions, and protect you when you feel weakened.

    Virgo ~ Carnelian:

  • Holds you steady, moment by moment.
  • Removes extraneous thoughts that those under this sign may have.

 Libra ~ Jade:

  • Harmonises the heart chakra, aiding in both emotional and physical well-being that keeps this sign on balanced form.

   Scorpio ~ Rose quartz:

  • Assists in the acceptance of necessary change when this sign finds it difficult to adapt.
  • Also words off negative thoughts.

                      Sagittarius ~ Topaz:

  • Balances the emotions.
  • Helps you tune into your higher self and enables you to achieve your dreams.

                   Capricorn ~ Obsidian:

  • A very protective stone that helps guard you from negativity and anything else that weighs you down.

                 Aquarius ~ Garnet:

  • An energising stone that promotes love and passion, encouraging this sometimes – introverted sign to seek romance and everlasting relationships.

                 Pisces ~ Amethyst:

  • Helps the fickle fish feel less scattered and more focussed.
  • It helps those under this sign form new ideas and make them realities.


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