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For an angel a minute can be a thousand years, for time to angels is measured in love.

Have you lived your life dashing here and there fretting about being late? This man-made phenomenon ‘time’ is a concept of little significance to the celestial realms. A moment of our time may as well be a thousand years. If we we are on a spiritual journey we may be amazed at the speed of our development. We start to fly with angels. But, in our disappointment, we slide back into our normal routine for a while, feeling that perhaps we are forgotten. You cannot be in a ‘peak experience’ all the time. If you fly near the sun too often, you will soon burn your wings.

Your angels are still there, no more than a fleeting moment has passsed in their terms. Their patience is immeasurable, after all, they may have been waiting for you all your life!


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