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Ribbon Rituals ~ try these simple spells for the most common desires.


This spell can be used for almost any goals or intentions.

Simply take a cord, then simply focus on what you would like to achieve or cease. 

Make nine knots as you chant the following:

By the knot of one, begun

By the knot of two, it becomes true

By the knot of three, so more be

By the knot of four, magic energy I store

By the knot of five, it comes alive

By the knot of six, the energies fix

By the knot of seven, sun and moon in heaven

By the knot of eight, I call the powers of fate

By the knot of nine, this spell is mine.

After your spell is cast, leave the cord in a safe place where it won’t be disturbed, until you achieve your desire or aim.


For this spell ~ attracting a new partner ~ you’ll need to ribbons in pink and red, they need to be long enough to make into a bracelet.

  • Twirl the ribbons around each other, rubbing either rose-scented perfume or essential oil-think about the qualities you wish your partner to possess. Settle on five ‘must haves’, for example – sense of humour, intelligent, financially secure, attractive, caring.
  • Knot the ribbon at each end, then fasten it around your left wrist ~ the reason for having it on your left wrist, is because it represents intuition and emotion ~ keep it on until you find love.
  • To give this a ‘power up’, add a little love charm, such as a rose quartz heart or two little silver doves.


This spell will attract wealth 

  • Using a green length of ribbon, you place a coin in the middle of the ribbon, wrap the ribbon around the coin until it’s completely covered.
  • Use a copper coin if you want more energy and resources in your home.
  • Use a silver coin if you want to make it easier to save more and spend less.
  • Make a knot on one end of the ribbon and say this, ‘I make this knot, spend I will not’
  • At the other end, make another knot, whilst saying,’money come to me, as I will it, so more it be!


Do you need a little healing? Then this spell is for you.

  • Tie a blue ribbon around the part of your body that is causing you discomfort and keep it there until the pain or problem has gone away.
  • Another, way – write the name of the troublesome body part on a piece of white paper, then tie a ribbon around it and leave the scroll in a safe place where it won’t be disturbed until the issue is solved.


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