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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

Loving-kindness meditation builds on the idea of extending kindly feelings to everything and everybody. This specific meditation includes elements of visualisation. The visualisation element occurs when you clear your mind and release any emotions.

The meditation takes you to a place of positivity, positive feelings towards the universe and beyond. The journey starts in a familiar place, with the relationship you have with yourself. This is the one relationship that will always be there, the longest and deepest relationship you will ever have. If you cannot love yourself then all loving is likely to prove hard.

During the loving-kindness meditation you will think of yourself in positive way and then take your mind to the wishes for yourself. Look as deep as you can. You may be currently thinking about the latest gadget to a solution to a problem, but behind those wishes are your deepest desires. Allow your mind to form the actual words as wishes for yourself.

You will find your own wishes, and your wishes will change with each meditation.

May I be calm. May I be free of hatred. May I be loving.

Wishes for yourself ~ a little mindful exercise:

  • Think about your current wishes for yourself and write them down.
  • Start with obvious ones, ‘I wish I wasn’t so busy’, or ‘I wish I could have a new business venture’ to ‘I wish I had a better fitness regime’ 
  • Write them down to clear them from your mind
  • Take a little longer to explore your deepest wishes for yourself.

You can then go into a meditation, and visualise yourself achieving, or reaching out for your deepest wishes, with the positivity that you can set new goals at any time, and realise the potential you have in the universe. Never give up in yourself – if you believe in yourself then others will too, grasp the opportunities as they arise. We still have lots to offer, and challenges to overcome, but do believe you can achieve almost anything when you put your mind to it.


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