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Let the moon lend a hand

Mooncycles ~ The phases of the moon will effect your spells.


Full moon ~ This doesn’t just include the actual day of the full moon, but the day either side. This is the best time to perform ribbon magic for assistance in completing a task, divination, giving thanks, or if your spell needs that little bit of oomph.

Waning moon ~ This is the best time to perform spells to lessen a problem or resolve an issue, such as reducing the impact of a negative person on your life, or the serenity of an illness. If you are unsure when to end a spell, this is also the best time to undo the knots on any of your ribbons.

Dark of the moon ~ Most witches won’t do magic a day or two before a new moon – known as the dark of the moon. Instead , this is a time for reflection, meditation and planning for the next lunar cycle. That’s not to say you can’t do a ribbon spell if it’s urgent, but if it can wait, it’ll wait.

New moon ~ This is the perfect time for ribbon magic involving new beginnings, be that a business venture, job, relationship or home.

Waxing Moon ~ If you want to give your spell an energy boost, start at the beginning of a waxing moon phase and it will grow in power as the moon does. Any ribbon magic that involves positive outcomes, such as financial gain, a new baby, increased health or more friends, can be carried out at this time.


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