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Spellcasting ~ Ribbon magic is so versatile you really can perform it anywhere.

“Your spell could be as simple as choosing to wear a green tie – for prosperity – to a job interview and while knitting it, thinking positive thoughts about getting the job,” says Silja. “Or why not try thinking of any issues or problems you will face during the day while tying your shoes in the morning. You could even offer  up a prayer to Moon Goddess, requesting confidence and beauty, as you braid your hair for a night out.”

Make spells part of your day.

Timing ~ Boost the power of your ribbon magic by performing your spells at the optimum time ….

Ribbon magic can be performed on any day, or time, however, as with all magic , there are certain days, times and phases of the moon that give your spells more power when you perform them. For example, if it was a cold winter’s day and you wanted to freeze a bad person out of your life, then ribbon magic at this time would be very effective. 

On February 1st the upcoming witches Sabbath of Imbolic, will use ribbon magic to find a partner, or increase love between families and to make new friends.

Days and times:

  • Dawn is a good time to cast spells for nurturing new beginnings, or to encourage something to grow.
  • Dusk is good for spells to help you get over someone, or to solve a problem.
  • At night when you see the moon, this is a good time to perform a spell if it involves a female, o surrounding women or intuition.
  • If it involves a man or standing up for oneself, then opt for a sunny day to carry out your spell.
  • If all else fails, the best time of day to do any magic is when you are awake and full of energy, not tired or distracted by work demands or children! You need your full focus and attention upon your magic. 

Discover which day of the week could work best for your spell casting:

  • Monday – the moon, female energy, beauty and intuition.
  • Tuesday – courage, protection and warding off negativity.
  • Wednesday – communication, luck and creativity.
  • Thursday – prosperity, health and fertility.
  • Friday – love, romantic interest and friendship.
  • Saturday – wisdom and occult matters.
  • Sunday – the sun, male energy, self-confidence and energy. 


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