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Basic ribbon magic can be used for any intention by anyone. 

Have you often been fiddling with a piece of string or ribbon, when your feeling anxious or stressed? This instinctive action is one of the most basic methods of ribbon magic.

The simplicity of this spell work, involves thinking about the issue that needs resolving, whilst making a knot in the string/ribbon. You then only undo this knot when the issue has been resolved.

The knot represents the issue, when you create a knot this symbolises our will to overcome the matter, untying the knot reflects the removal of the problem. This simple spell can also be used in the same way when your thinking of a personal goal. 

In fact, ribbon magic can be used for any intention by anyone, whether you’re completely new to witchcraft or been a practitioner for a long time. 

Wiccan High Priestess Silija

I performed one of the most successful ribbon magic spells at college when I was sick with worry about my exams. I took three ribbons – a blue one for health, yellow for inspiration, and silver for the protection of the Moon Goddess – and plaited them while thinking about my exams going well. Then I made a knot in the braided ribbon for each exam I was taking, visualising getting an ‘A’ in each one and placed the ribbon on my altar, in-knotting it the day the results came out. I passed with flying colours!


Choosing your ribbons ~ select whatever material you like for your magical knot work

It doesn’t matter whether your ribbon is silk, or you use hemp cord or even a shoelace; some practitioners prefer to use natural materials such as wool or cotton, to do their spellwork.

You can choose any type of knot, however, please remember that these knots will need to be untied again! Therefore do not make your knots too complicated or too tight! (You will become stressed trying to undo them)

It is recommended that if you are using several colours and then knotting them together, that you braid them together first. A simple overhand knot will be good enough, as it’s easy to undo – this also symbolises the belief that your problem will be easily ‘untied’ or solved.

Ribbon Colours and their Meaning ~ Choose colours that are associated with the focus of your spell.

RED – passion or sexual attraction

PINK – romantic love

BLUE- health and wisdom

BLACK – removing curses

WHITE – peace and energy

GREEN – money, prosperity and fertility

YELLOW – inspiration and artistic endeavours

SILVER – the Moon Goddess, female energy

GOLD – the sun God and male energy

BROWN – grounding and calming.

Tip (Silja-has practiced Wiccan for 22 years and has three bestselling books published)

It’s best if the ribbon you use is the colour you need for a specific spell. But at a pinch, you could use a white ribbon for any spell, or even colour in a white ribbon with watercolour paints or a felt tip pen.


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