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An angel is like a mirror that reflects the truth kindly, for in its reflection you can see who you truly are.

Have you noticed how many different masks you wear?  By developing a mask for every occasion you are pretending to be someone else. Have you forgotten who you really are? You dilute your own energies, your personal magnetism and diminish your potential for growth by ignoring your true self. Be courageous. Acknowledge your true self every day. Aafirm your ability to be true to yourself. Call on your guardian angel and ask to be given the courage and honesty to be who you truly are.


Join me in creativity, knitting/crochet free patterns and pointers... Creativityvsmadness creative projects that allow you timeout from the madness of everyday life! My sister site: Spiritualawakeningcvm16 Join me in my journal discovering the spiritual realm. Together we can discover angels, crystals, prayers and how to heal ourselves holistically. A little bit of mindfulness, meditation and tarot/oracle cards.

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