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The angel’s intelligence is alight with the penetrating simplicity of divine concepts.

It is not surprising that our lives are full of confusion. By piling on the pressure, we create turmoil and disharmony. Sit back for a moment and consider which of today’s tasks are truly essential. If you do not complete them will the moon refuse to shine? It is the ego that insists on cramming all this non-essential clutter into our lives – the fear of failure, the fear of rejection.

Give this day’s tasks over in your mind to the angels and to God. Ask for clarity of purpose of the Divine plan for your life. Ask that all your decisions and actions today are for the highest good of your higher consciousness, and for the highest good of all concerned. As you clarify your actions and prioritise your day to the highest purpose, the angels will have the opportunity to guide and assist. Keep it simple, concentrate your Divine light and watch your plan unfold.


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