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Colours have a powerful impact on every aspect of our lives, speaking directly to us at a subconscious level.

If you are feeling low or lethargic, for example, a meditation on orange or yellow can uplift and energise you.

Colour meditations are good for addressing specific problems, so devote plenty of preparation. Choose a quiet corner of your home and before starting to meditate, assemble many different objects of the colour you wish to focus on.

There is plenty of research into the way colours affect people and their moods. Green can communicate closeness of nature. Blue tends to signify infinite expansion, such as seen in the sky or sea/ocean. Red means heat and vibrancy. 

If you have a fixation on one colour, it means your perceptions are limited. As a result of this, you may find that you are rushing from one shop to another looking for an item of clothing in that particular colour! Expanding your appreciation of colour also expands the mind.

Healing mantra ~ colour

  • With my eyes closed, I feel the spiritual force of colour enter my being.
  • When I open my eyes, I realise that the colours around me have a new intensity.
  • May my meditation on a specific colour enhance my knowledge and my sense of connection with others.


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