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‘Fortune favours the bold’.

This has been the motto for many families, since the earliest occurrences. Conversely this may also be seen as a misleading prophecy, as many actions are thought brace only if they are successful; those that end in failure are often rated as foolish whether or not courage was required.

This image represents The Wheel of Fortune (Rota Fortunae) from a 13th century manuscript of Carminative Burana. From which many people gather inspiration and guidance; and also the development of Tarot cards.

Now the little history bit done! This leads me onto people doubting themselves,. Doubt is often regarded as a negative experience that stands in the way of personal achievement and fulfilment. But doubt can be worthwhile when it helps you to understand that your actions might result in suffering, conflict or anguish.

Meditation helps you to combat self-doubt and the low self-esteem that may drive it, strengthening your confidence and resolve.

Frustration and impatience can easily turn to anger. By focussing on the causes of these emotions, rather than their consequences, you can work towards building the patience and understanding necessary for both a positive and happy life.


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