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Results of Oracle card reading

Relaxation Card

In meditation, relaxation is as much a mental as a physical release. By focusing intently, you can use your mind to relax your whole being. Sit in a chair, close your eyes and immerse yourself in these meditative thoughts.

  • My goal is to develop deep inner calm and peace of mind.
  • I shall remain completely still for three minutes.
  • As I breathe in and out gently, I feel the presence of my body.
  • While keeping my back straight, I allow my body to relax.

When and where

  • If you spend many hours each day sitting in one place, you will have plenty of opportunities to practice a meditation on relaxation. You can also use it in a wide variety of places and circumstances.

Routine Card

A good morning routine reduces stress and encourages clear, sharp thinking throughout the day. Regular evening meditation will enable you to relax and clear your mind after working hours. Try the following mantras:

  • I am focused and empowered 
  • My breath is energising my body and exhaling any tension I feel
  • I am in the moment and can clear my own thoughts
  • The outside world can wait for now

Where and when

  • Each day is a new beginning. Focusing on calm at the start and end of each day will give peace of mind and improve the quality of your sleep. Regular meditation should be an essential part of each day.

Silence Card

Avoid the clamour of the modern world, silence has a great therapeutic value.  Finding and appreciating silence will help you to banish painful thoughts or emotions. Try the following meditation:

  • I will cultivate silence for its peace and grandeur
  • I am connecting with silence
  • I will let silence block out bad thoughts and emotions

When and where

  • If you wake up at night worrying about a problem, turn your attention instead to the quiet darkness around you – or relish an experience more by living it silently, giving it your full attention.


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