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We are all angels – it’s what we do with our wings that makes us different

There was a forest fire and all the animals were fleeing for their lives, except for one humming bird who was flying among the blossoms. As a monkey went by in the tops of the trees he called to the humming-bird; “come on, you’re going to burn, we all have to fly for our lives”, “no I can’t ” said the little humming-bird as she visited another flower, filled her tiny beak with nectar and poured the drop of moisture on to the flames. She flew to the next flower to repeat the process. “You must hurry,” chattered the monkey. ” You’ll die if you don’t come now.” “Not at the moment,” said the humming-bird. “But what are you doing?” Asked the monkey impatiently. “I am doing my bit,” said the humming-bird finally. You don’t have to be a great enlightened master to do your bit. It is how you do it that is important, it is your intention to serve the greater purpose. 


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