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Communication, Clarity, Emotional balance, Courage – Amazonite Crystal

Colour: blue, green and white;  Appearance:striped or veined, various sizes Availability: Easily obtained.


The energies of Amazonite are the energies of the warrior. It reminds us to look behind the obvious physical manifestation and realise that true power lies in knowing the self. Just as the women warriors understood their individual strengths, we must shine the light on our true talents. Amazonite asks us to be honest and clear, it helps us to stand firmly in the light of self-understanding and gives us the courage to uncover self-knowledge.

It helps us to clearly see all situations and filter out the negative and nonsensical from the real and true. It raises our energies of love to universal love and encourages us to see all points of view. In this way it can be soothing and calming. It is very useful in dispelling negative energies and blocking geopathic stress from items such as mobile phones, computers and microwaves.


Very good for problems relating to the throat, metabolism, and voice. Also beneficial for heart problems and strengthening the immune system. Working with the parathyroid it assists with calcium levels, the nervous system and bone disease such as osteoporosis, tooth decay and other calcium-related problems.

Divinatory Meaning

If you drawn to this crystal it signifies that you need to draw on your inner resources to overcome a communication obstacle. Draw on your courage to speak the truth.


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