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Using crystal energy.

Having them near

Even if you have crystals nearby you will notice subtle changes in energy levels. Some of them are useful for counteracting the electromagnetic fields of appliances such as computers and microwaves.


Select an appropriate crystal (or crystal oracle card) to support you in formulating and focusing in a positive affirmation. Hold it, consider its attributes and how it can help you. Feel the energy of the crystal create the positive vision you wish to achieve.

Meditations and visions

Hold the appropriate crystal in your hands or create a pyramid or circle around your body with a combination of stones. Working consciously with crystals will raise the vibrational levels of your work. Visualise the energy flowing from the crystal to your aura. It will guide your consciousness to where it needs to be.

Chakra healing

Crystals are commonly placed on the seven major energy centres, known as chakras, on the body. Each energy centre works in a different ways. Crystals help to bring balance and harmony within each Chakra and within the whole system. The state of being allows the body to heal itself and enables the mind to link the spirit and feel bliss.

Sharmanic and magical work

Crystals can be used to create a protective circle, to enhance the power of a quest, incantation, ritual, ceremony and all other work. They can be incorporated on magical tools such as staffs or wands to increase the power and help direct sunlight.


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