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I have been on the verge of being an angel all my life, but it has not happened yet…… (Mark Twain)

When you start to work with angels you won’t suddenly become a different person. You won’t become unrecognisable, looking ten years younger or twenty pounds lighter, and all your worries will not miraculously fade away. You will have the same personality traits and probably the same aches and pains too! 

Inviting the angels into your life simply allows you to connect with your real self, and reminds you who you really are. It will enable you to open your heart, connect with your soul, your higher self, your intuition and your companion angels.

Working with angels is not fluffy, happy-flappy, feel-good stuff. Far from it! You will become stronger, more focused, confident, compassionate, self-reliant, connected, centred and authentic. The changes are not necessarily physical ….. or are they?


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