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Don’t worry if you fall on your face while your practising to fly – practice makes perfect.

This is a time of consciousness raising, but also a time of consciousness crushing. We live in an age when spirituality is acknowledged as an essential part of life, and yet a life of spiritually is often ignored or ridiculed.
So what do you do when you have found your path of spiritual truth and you want to follow it? Honour yourself, and practise. Practise by example, using humour, serenity, humility, kindness and sincerity. You will be helped in your challenge, with your choices, and with directions. The angels will work through synchronicity to send into your life the circumstances and people you need for support. You can do this, you can fly.


Join me in creativity, knitting/crochet free patterns and pointers... Creativityvsmadness creative projects that allow you timeout from the madness of everyday life! My sister site: Spiritualawakeningcvm16 Join me in my journal discovering the spiritual realm. Together we can discover angels, crystals, prayers and how to heal ourselves holistically. A little bit of mindfulness, meditation and tarot/oracle cards.

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