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Agate – Stabilising, balancing, grounding and acceptance

Colour: Milky white, grey, pink, blue, green, brown or clear. Appearance: Soft, usually banded, many sizes. Availability: Easily obtained

Quietness and stability are the key factors in the use of this stone. Agate draws us into a state of being that fosters self-acceptance and understanding. It works subtly with the mind to promote analytical and perceptive abilities in order to help us connect with greater spiritual knowledge. Helps direct us towards practical and prognostic solutions and actions.

This crystal works slowly and steadily to balance the body, emotions and spiritual aspects of the self. It brings equilibrium to the positive and negative energies and harmonises emotions. In doing so it can help us draw on past memories and experiences to facilitate growth and greater understanding of spiritual truths. It will also ensure that hidden illness and other issues are brought forward to resolution.


It’s a greater balancer of emotional and physical distress and this is effective in all processes of elimination. It’s cleansing nature assists in the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Also good for healing eye and abdominal disease.

Divinatory Meaning.

Drawing the agate oracle card indicates a need to quietly contemplate your purpose. Are you steadily working in the direction you need to or are you blithely moving forward?


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