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If you see an angel in everyone you meet, you will always be in Divine company.

If our souls are everlasting, through many lifetimes, and if we wait in a heavenly place until our rebirth, then we spend most of that time among the angelic realms. Following this thought, perhaps we see in meditation is a memory. A part of us knows that angelic presence, and a spark of it remains in our hearts for all time. When we are born, part of our soul – the ego-less, non-physical part – remains in the Heavenly place. The higher self is wiser and purer than our bodily form and has no material attachment. It is possible to connect and ask for our higher self for guidance. When we tap into that wisdom we can also connect with the angel within us. Next time you meet, notice the difference in the energy of your interaction when you allow the angel within to connect with another at a deep soul level.


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