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Beyond the visible softness of an angel is a force of purity that the world can never break.

This force is in the very softness of the dawn sky. It can be sensed in the distant twinkle of  stars. It can be felt underfoot on a mossy riverbank, in the soft yielding of a white sandy beach. It can be stroked in the softness of a child’s hair. It is in the intricate feather left behind as a message from the angels. It is in the filtered sunlight through the canopy of trees. It is in the promise of a rainbow. Yet its strength supports the salty buoyancy of the ocean and the unbreakable pull of magnetic polarity. It supports the hardness of rock, the very substance of our planet, refined through time. Seemingly fragile yet containing the unbreakable and everlasting promise that is contained in angelic protection and love.


Join me in creativity, knitting/crochet free patterns and pointers... Creativityvsmadness creative projects that allow you timeout from the madness of everyday life! My sister site: Spiritualawakeningcvm16 Join me in my journal discovering the spiritual realm. Together we can discover angels, crystals, prayers and how to heal ourselves holistically. A little bit of mindfulness, meditation and tarot/oracle cards.

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