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Working with crystals

Crystals hold the energy imprint of the last person they touched. Cleanse your crystals when you first receive them and after using them with others to ensure they are attuned to your energy vibrations.

There are many different ways to cleanse your crystals. Some will be damaged by water so if you are not sure, choose another method! The simplest way to cleanse your crystal is to breathe on it. Other ways are gently washing your crystal under running water. A stream is best but a tap will do, or bury it in sea salt or a combination of sea salt and filtered water. Or you can pass it through the smoke of smudge stick or swiftly  through the light of a candle flame. In  all cases hold the intention to cleanse your crystal and visualise it clear and ready  for work.

Charging your crystal can be done with a specific purpose in mind or just to enhance its inherent power. Some suggestions for charging your crystals are: placing them in the midday sun (take care not to burn anything), or outside at dawn or dusk, placing out under the moon – use the phase  of the moon to determine when is best or if you are not sure always try to use the full moon. Gently wash it in the sea, river or stream. Bury it in the ground and then gently cleanse it. The different ways are as varied as your intentions. Use your intuition to consider how best to charge your stones. The more you incorporate the natural rhythms of the seasons the more powerful your crystals will become.


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