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What are crystals?

Crystals are naturally occurring, homogenous solids. They occasionally form independently but are most likely to be found in multiples. Crystals form as fluid atoms, ions or molecules move closer and closer together with changes in the surrounding pressure and temperature. They form regular, repeating three-dimensional patterns. Many are found in volcanic rocks or near the crust of the earth. Some can be made artificially, though naturally occurring crystals hold more potent energy and connect more easily to the earth and spirit realm.

How do they work?

Many people believe that crystals hold and transmute energy. Everything is made up of different vibrational energies and crystals help us work consciously with the life force. Illness and disease in the body, mind and spirit has long been considered to have an underlying cause within  the psyche of the person. It is thought that crystals can help reveal and release those deeper subconscious blocks and patterns and aid in the restoration of health and vitality to the person. Healers, shamans, witches, mediums, light workers and others all use crystals to help them tap into the essential energies of the life force. They feel that by doing so they can access the specific energy they need whether it be for healing or vision work.

Choosing your crystals

Let your crystals choose you! Even if you require a specific sort for healing or spiritual work, linger in front of the front of the type of stones you need. As you cast your eye across them or run them through your fingers, one will call to you to take it home!


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