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The role of angels

Angels in vast numbers are sent to Earth to help to help us in our humanness and assist our spiritual growth. Many people have already awakened to their call for realignment, attunement and enlightenment. When you tune in to the wonderful energy of the angels, you are instantly aware of the love that emanates from their presence – a love that ignites a spark in the heart that can never be extinguished.

Never be misled by the use of the word love. There is no implication of ‘softness’ here. Being kind in action and thoughtful in a loving way does not make you a doormat. Angels are not soft and feathery. Appointed as our guides, guardians and protectors of justice, angels are the soldiers of Heaven! 

Archangel Michael, Lord of the Archangels, is portrayed armed with a sword and bears God’s holy armour. His role is to protect, and he is often shown slaying the dragon. A spiritual warrior and defender of right, he inspires us to cut away the dross in our own lives and defend truth as we venture along life’s journey.


Join me in creativity, knitting/crochet free patterns and pointers... Creativityvsmadness creative projects that allow you timeout from the madness of everyday life! My sister site: Spiritualawakeningcvm16 Join me in my journal discovering the spiritual realm. Together we can discover angels, crystals, prayers and how to heal ourselves holistically. A little bit of mindfulness, meditation and tarot/oracle cards.

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