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Navel Chakra awareness

To develop an awareness of your naval Chakra

There are two exercises that you can engage with to increase your awareness of your naval Chakra.

Exercise one ….

Firstly, sit crossed legged on the floor. Hold onto your ankles, this will provide you with a little support. As you breathe in, tilt your spine forward and lift your chest, then flex the top of your pelvis back. Breathe out and move your spine backwards and the pelvis forwards. Repeat this exercise a few times, then stop and relax.

Exercise two ….

Lie on your back, prop yourself prop yourself up on your elbows . Lift your legs about 12 inches if you can! Breathe out and open your legs.  Breathe in and cross your legs at the knees, but keep your legs straight! Repeat this several times. Now your legs a little higher and repeat the same process. Then start lowering your legs in the same fashion.

This exercise is also great for your stomach muscles!!

Now return to your chair/sitting position. Relax and focus on your breathing.

Now, close your eyes and concentrate on the area just above your navel. This Chakra opens back and front, so you need to concentrate on both sides. This may increase the sensation you feel taking place in these two areas. Envisage the colour orange. Imagine the wheel whirring, or the fluttering butterfly or other analogy you feel when you work on your Chakras.


What does the energy in this area feel like? 

Is it stronger back or front?

Are you giving out a lot of energy in this area, or are you keeping it contained within yourself?

As previously, mentioned that as we are learning how to open and close our Chakras; at this time I would like you to gently close this Chakra.

Now practice, practice these exercises and when your ready move on to the next Chakra, the solar plexus.


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