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Base Chakra awareness exercise

  •  An exercise that teaches you to acknowledge your base Chakra, how to open and close it.

Begin this exercise by sitting on your heels on the floor – just like the image above.

Put your hands palm down on your thighs – again just like the image.

Take a deep breath in, as you do so roll your spine into your pelvis area. When you breath out, roll your spine back out again.

Continue this for about a minute if this is comfortable for you. If you find that this is uncomfortable then please stop.

Now, I would like you to sit somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, and concentrate on your base Chakra, remember that this Chakra opens downwards towards the ground. This Chakra is always open, you can never completely close it.

Try and tune into this part of your body, just below your spine/tailbone. Sometimes, if you visualise the colour red this helps you to connect. Take a few deep breaths, it is important to remember our breathing, as when we concentrate on other parts of our body we tend to forget this comfortable breathing technique.

You might feel something happening with your base Chakra, everyone’s experience of this is very different. Sometimes it may feel a little bit like a butterfly, fluttering gently against your skin. It may warm more like a warm/cool draught. It may even describe this sensation as a whirring feeling. If you visualise things easily you may visualise this a flower gently opening its petals for the first time, people relate this to the lotus flower. Other images could be of a wheel spinning, or a door opening. Some people may experience none of these things, they just acknowledge the fact that they know their base Chakra has opened.

At this early stage of working with your Chakras, we only want to acknowledge them as there is much more to learn! This will be at a late date. At the moment we need to learn how to close the Chakra, please remember that this Chakra never closes down fully.

Imagine the petals of the flower closing, or feel the whirring sensation slowing down, or the butterfly floating away from you. Use any image or sensation that works for you.


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