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The spiritual surgery

I have came across this visualisation exercise. As I enjoy visualising and imaginary comes easily to me, I found this particular exercise very useful. Also on reflection of completing this activity I found that I was more relaxed, and intrigued to learn more. Therefore I wanted to share this with you.

Have a read through first, and give it a go. You do not have to worry if you struggle with visualisation, try and relax and use your other senses, for example, can you smell anything? This skill can take time to learn, so do not be disheartened.

So find a quiet place where you can sit and relax. Where you will not be disturbed. Close or lock the door if you feel that this is necessary. 
Close your eyes.
Take a few deep breaths, then slowly work your way through the exercise.
Close your eyes. Imagine a clean, white door in front of you which is closed. You can see it leads into a building but you don’t know what it is inside. Go up to the white handle, open the door and walk inside.
Inside is an enormous bright, white room which is scrupulously clean. All around you are rows and rows of shelves, filled with medications of every imaginable size, capsules, liquids, salves,bandages. Everything looks brand new, shiny and bright as if it has only just been placed there. Notice there are endless cabinets everywhere with labels on detailing items with names you do not recognise.
When you look up, there is no ceiling on the room – the walls seem to extend upwards into infinity. Look in front of you and realise you are in a room that goes on forever. It stretches into infinity filled with unimaginable potions and medications that stretch further then you can see.
As you stand in the midst of the wondrous place, you realise all these medications belong to your spiritual doctor, who will dispense them for you at any time, as you need them. The possibilities for healing in this sanctuary are endless, just as the walls and ceiling and medicines are endless. Everything you will ever need to heal anything can be found in this amazing, limitless building. Take a moment to consider the immeasurably powerful healing which can take place with all these tools at your disposal.
When you feel you have seen all you want to see, make your way back to that bright, white door. If you have wandered quite far into the surgery, it does not matter, because at all times the door is lit up, bright and white. You can see it no matter where you are. Go back to the door, open it and walk out of the surgery.
Now take a minute to remember where you are, whether at home or in an office, and which room you are in. Remember you are reading a book. Take a few deep, comfortable breaths and then when you feel ready, open your eyes.
I will try and add a guided meditation for this, as I’m a novice, wish me luck!


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